5 Tips for Staying Stylish on a Budget

5 Tips for Staying Stylish on a Budget

Building your perfect wardrobe can be an expensive task. On top of the ever-changing trends, our personal aesthetics and lifestyles evolve as well. Sprinkle in some seasonal fads and expensive shops, and it may seem impossible to maintain your wardrobe without emptying your bank account. Luckily, with these tips and tricks, you can look your best without going broke. 

1. Find your Staples

Staples are those go-to, basic pieces in your wardrobe that you can always rely on. Having enough of these options allows you to create any outfit you desire. Finding staple pieces means searching for items that are simple and classic. These can change depending on your personal style and aesthetic; the main idea is that staple items pair with almost anything in your closet. Most typically, these clothes include items such as: plain t-shirts, a white button down, jeans in your favorite cut, a classic shoe, and a good, solid jacket. Ensuring that you have these staples makes creating new outfits much easier and less expensive, because you avoid buying too many pieces. 

2. Get Crafty

If you’re trying to maintain a budget, and want to build up your wardrobe, the sewing needle just became your new best friend. Now don’t freak out: we aren’t making clothes from scratch! Learning how to sew gives you the power to alter any piece of clothing to optimize the look and feel. Knowing how to sew also allows you to upcycle and keep your old clothes longer. If your favorite jeans have a hole in them, you can patch it up, or even make them into a new pair of shorts. 

3. Thrift 

Vintage and thrifted clothing has become very trendy over the last few years. However, thrifting is a great option even when it’s not on “trend.” If you’re working on a small budget, and name brand stores are out of reach, your local Goodwill is a great place to shop. It might take a little bit longer to find what you are looking for, but buying clothes at thrift stores is the perfect way to save money and find pieces with a ton of character. 

4. Accessorize 

The right accessories can take a look and completely flip it on its head. If you are struggling to express yourself and your style through clothes alone, and don’t have the money to buy lots of new pieces, accessories are the ideal solution. Whether it’s dangly or dainty, chunky or bold, plastic or metal, you can customize your look to represent your style. 

5. Shop Versatile 

In addition to your staples, get a few pieces that are interesting, and that represent you. These pieces, especially if you don’t have your personal style on lock, can assume various styles and aesthetics. Maybe some of your fits are streetwear, or  hyperfeminine, or possibly tailored and cool. Exploring your options allows you to dress in a way that you feel represents your style, no matter the day. 

Style is a unique and personal thing to each individual. There are no rules or monetary requirements for looking stylish. It doesn’t make a difference if your wardrobe is made up of $10 pieces or $100 dollar pieces. If what you own expresses who you are, and it makes you feel good, wear it. 

Written by: Alexa Rosenberger

Instagram: @lex.gabrielle_

Twitter: alexagabrie11e

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