20 Affordable Accessories to Spice Up Your Personal Style

20 Affordable Accessories to Spice Up Your Personal Style

As a teenager fully immersed in the world of social media, I struggle to keep up with the ever evolving world of fast fashion. And as a college student, my funds are pretty limited. Over time I’ve found that I can reuse old clothing and simply add fun accessories to stay present in the current trends, without breaking the bank. You shouldn’t look any less fabulous just because your budget isn’t as big as Kylie Jenner’s! With these 20 accessories at your disposal, you’re sure to look both trendy and composed without overspending. 

1. Chunky Small Hoop Earrings (MADEWELL)

Hoops: one of the simplest yet most effective accessories on the market. These chunky small hoop earrings by Madewell act as an affordable yet loud statement piece, dressing up your look and tying your fit together.

2. Curve Pack of 3 Rings in Mixed Design in Gold Tone (ASOS)

Though a seemingly small aspect of an outfit, rings dress up any look. With the curve pack of 3 rings in mixed designs by ASOS, you’ll have a variety of rings to choose from that layer together perfectly to form a trendy, poised style.  

3. Tocess Big Claw Clip (Amazon)

A great alternative to damaging hair elastics, claw clips are a fantastic and aesthetically pleasing way to keep that messy hair away from your face. Tocess, available on Amazon, offers a reasonably-priced multi-pack of claw clips sure to last you months. 

4. Elkie Dainty Necklace Set Gold (Princess Polly)

Worn separately or together as per the current-layered jewelry trend, the Elkie Dainty Necklace Set by Princess Polly is the perfect understated piece to add an elegant flare to your next look. 

5. Minimalist Crossbody Bag (Romwe)

Adding a bag to any outfit creates a layer of sophistication. With Romwe’s Minimalist Crossbody Bag, secure your necessities at your hip on any adventure! Clean, modern, and sleek, this bag is a personal favorite.

6. KeyStyle GoldChic Jewelry Personalized Gold Bold Initial Letter Open Ring Adjustable Women Statement Rings Party|Women’s Signet Ring|18K Gold Plated Open Alphabet Rings|Letter A to Z (Amazon)

As rings are a simple staple in my wardrobe, I love to have a variety of options to choose from. The KeyStyle GoldChick Initial Ring allows for some individuality in my jewelry collection while pairing nicely with more subtle pieces. 

7. Scunci Butterfly Bright Colors Mini Jaw Clips (Target)

Recently, I’ve been looking for new and funky ways to style my hair. Scunci Butterfly Clips allow you to achieve the trendy half up half down look taking social media by storm. Get yours and create a playful, cute hairstyle, perfect for any occasion. 

8. Letter Necklace (Bearfruit Jewelry)

A woman’s jewelry should always represent her true self. With Bearfruit Jewlery’s Letter Necklace, you can choose a letter of your liking to be displayed on a beautiful pendant, sure to be the center of your necklace layering. Individuality should be celebrated, and a letter necklace is the perfect manner to do so!

9. ASOS DESIGN body chain with clear crystals (ASOS)

You’ve worked hard on that body - celebrate it! ASOS’s crystalized body chain draws attention to the tight stomach you’ve been grinding for while adding another layer of complexity to whatever fit you pair it with!

10. Black Basic Hexagon Belt (Pretty Little Thing)

Belts are absolute essentials in this day in age. Not only do they ensure you sport denim with a perfect fit, but they are fantastic stylistic tools. This Black Basic Hexagon Belt from Pretty Little Thing is simple, chic, and an absolute must-have to style your favorite pants. 

11. Faux Gem Ear Pins (Forever 21)

Want that embellished ear look without the pain of piercing it all? Look no further! Forever 21’s Faux Gem Ear Pins are the perfect way to deck your ear in diamonds without the extra expenses. 

12. Gold Bead Bracelet for Women,14K Gold Plated Bead Ball Bracelet Stretchable Elastic Bracelet (Amazon)

Gold beaded bracelets have recently become one of my favorite accessories. They’re stackable, simple, elegant, and on Amazon, you’re sure to get your money’s worth!

13. Smiley Baseball Cap (Altar’d State)

Whether it's to shield your sensitive skin from the sun or just to top off a casual but trendy look, hats are always a go-to. The Smiley Baseball Cap by Altar’d State is absolutely adorable and screams good vibes.

14. Slip Silk Hair Skrunchies (Slip)

When walking out of my front door, I never know where my day will take me. Odds are it’ll be a busy one that requires my messy hair to be out the way. Scrunchies have shot back into style and shopping on Slip allows you to buy the most delicate looking hair pieces in bulk!

15. Gold Ear Cuff (Amazon)

Looking for that pierced cartilage look but don’t want to make the commitment? Ear cuffs are a painless and beautiful way to layer your jewelry. My personal favorites come from Amazon as they’re thick, great quality, and essential in dressing up my ear! 


I never travel without my wallet, lip gloss, or phone, so a bag is an absolute must-have. The Peta & Jain Piper Bag by Princess Polly offers a chic way to carry your things, whether you're dressing up or casual. Its neutral color pairs perfectly with whatever outfit you desire!

17. Madewell Packable Fedora (ShopBop)

Love the beach but hate the sun? I’ve never been the person to lug an umbrella to my laid back beach day, so finding an alternative way to protect my face was non-negotiable. The Packable Fedora by Madewell can be thrown into any bag and looks chic with a tropical look!

18. Women’s Classic Dress Watch (Kohl's)

One of the most timeless accessories on the market is a watch. Forever in style and always serving a purpose, enhance your style with the Women’s Classic Dress Watch by Kohl's for a classic yet casual look. 

19. Black Square Frame Slimline Sunglasses (Pretty Little Thing)

Simple yet chic, Pretty Little Thing’s Black Square Frame Slimline Sunglasses are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Black frames are super in, and with Pretty Thing’s prices, why fall behind in the world of fashion?!

20. Silk Scarf - Women's Fashion Large Sunscreen Shawls Wraps - Lightweight Floral Pattern Satin for Headscarf&Neck (Amazon)

Versatile, fun, and fabulous, silk scarfs have recently found their way into my wardrobe. Whether I’m tying one around my head or attaching it to a bag, silk scarfs can be worn during any season and are a great way to switch things up!

Written by: Alexandra Cooperman

Instagram: @alexandracooperman

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