Your Summer Romance Horoscope

Your Summer Romance Horoscope

Summer is just around the corner, and everyone feels the potential for romance tingling in the air! Something about those summertime vibes reignites our love, lust, and everything in between. To discover how your romantic life will unfold in the near future, check out your personalized horoscope. 


As an independent person, it takes a lot for you to be down for a committed romance. However, that special someone will allow you to maintain your autonomous spirit while falling in love! This summer, keep your eyes open for that perfect match. They are much closer than you think. 


While we cherish your overly-trusting heart, not everyone in this lifetime will be so kind. Beware of fruitless flings and one-night-stands this summer; they will only bring you heartbreak. You know what you want. You know your needs. Don’t compromise that for anything or anyone!


That fiery temper might get you into some sticky situations. When you find a bae (and you will), make sure to remember that nobody is perfect. While it’s important to assert your needs, don’t be overly controlling of your partner. 


Reminder: You can’t be possessive in a FWB relationship. We know you love to assert your territory, but that relationship needs labels before you can have standards. So have that talk. If they aren’t interested, their loss! You’re a treasure, babe. 


This summer will be filled with adventure. You are not ready to settle down yet, and we totally get that! It’s important to explore your identity before committing to a relationship. Remember, as you meet new people, be cautious of their feelings as well. You don’t want to accidentally break too many hearts. 


As a pessimist, you firmly believe that this summer is destined to be doomed. Well, we came here to tell you that it will only be a bummer if you don’t fix your attitude! A romantic partner is waiting to be discovered, you just need to put yourself out there. (We know, strangers are scary, but everyone starts out as a stranger!)


Being ignored is a Leo’s least favorite activity. Unfortunately, you’ll have to endure some grief this summer. When your romantic partner denies you their emotional energy, take time to reflect if that relationship is worth it. Do you really want to be giving 90% of your energy, only to be receiving 10% in return?


You can analyze, and analyze, and analyze, but you’ll never really know until you ask. Don’t hold back when approaching your romantic partner with important questions. The overthinking will drive you crazy! Get those feelings out into the open. If it's meant to be, they will be receptive of your thoughts. (And no, you’re not crazy for having feelings.)


This summer, you’ll be the go-between for two star-crossed lovers (we know, it sucks). While we admire your ability to mediate, remember to also focus on yourself! You don’t have to be the diplomat in every situation. You deserve a fun summer fling. Go get ‘em!


Scorpios take passion to the next level, and we absolutely adore that about you! However, it’s important to practice restraint when falling in love. You don’t want to end up breaking your own heart. This summer, there will be lots of potential partners and FWBs. Choose your person wisely, and stay cautious with your generous heart. 


You’ve built up an idealistic vision for how your summer romance will unfold: picnics on the beach, roses, all the works! Let’s just say, this summer has something else in store for you. Don’t close yourself off to new romantic endeavors or unlikely partners. That person you friend-zoned all these years just might be your forever boo. 


We know you haven’t considered forgoing any of your free time for a relationship this summer. But my dearest Capricorn, you need to let those walls down eventually! You can’t hide yourself in routine and work. Love will infuse your life with wonderful chaos, whether you like it or not. 

Written by: Brianna Rauchman

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