Your Summer Horoscope

Your Summer Horoscope

Summer is right around the corner, and we couldn’t be more excited! Based on your Zodiac Sign, read along to learn what this summer has in store for you. 


Aries’ summer will be bursting with love and relationships. Aries are bound to fall in love in a whirlwind romance, but don’t be worried if it’s a rocky start. The months of May and June will guide your relationship into balance and equal energy. Make fun plans with your partner in the month of July: go to the movies, park, anything that requires you to get ready! Aries may find themselves making big changes with their money or career goals. Don’t be afraid to alter your path if it’s no longer serving you! Summer is the time to figure out all of these life changes. Filled with new energy, Aries may find some motivation in the months of April and May. Look into a new sport to play or take your dog for a walk! Get outside, Aries! 


Taurii may sense some love coming their way in the month of May. If you’re open to receiving love, from a friend or partner, you will attract this energy. Taurii in the month of May are more charming and easy-going, so use this to your advantage! If you’re already in a relationship, don’t forget to spice it up and do something different. A Taurus may struggle with their finances this year if hard work isn’t put in. Schedule an interview with an employer, and work on that professional development! Taurus, you are probably already keeping up with your physical health, so keep that same focus with your mental health. Taking a summer vacation could be the perfect excuse for a mental health getaway. 


Gemini, around your birthday, you will absorb large amounts of love, optimism and confidence. Geminis may find new hobbies that tie into their workplace. This could bring you more happiness while working! In the month of May, expect some new deals or business opportunities coming your way. Be smart when making these decisions; they could make or break your summer! You might find some creative blockage in the month of July, but don’t be discouraged. Rewrite your goals and focus on the bigger picture. You might feel some extra motivation in the summer months as well. Put this energy into cleaning your room and living space! 


Cancer, don’t be discouraged if your summer doesn’t start off with new friendships and positive vibes. Place your personal needs first, and understand what you want out of each relationship. The summer doesn’t have to be all about loving others; you can find love in yourself! Look for new job offers within the summer months, and don’t pass up on an interesting opportunity! Be confident in yourself and approach things with ease. If you are having complications with a coworker, the summer months are sure to clear it up. In the beginning of summer, you will want to focus on your physical and mental health. Maintain this persistent energy throughout the whole summer!


Toxic love is on the radar for Leos this summer. Your relationship may be showing signs of jealousy or betrayal. It’s important to be open and honest with your partner to remain steady. Remember, it’s ok to fall in love with someone who isn’t meant to be; it’s all about the learning process. Leaving a job may be on the back of your mind this summer Leo, but is that the smart move? You need to weigh all the options before committing to a fresh start. Near the end of July, you will feel good energy and spirits coming your way, and you may take up a new fitness hobby! It's crucial to stay away from alcohol during these months while you center your focus. 


Virgos are excited for summer, and the positive energy it will bring. Virgos may discover a strong connection this summer, whether it’s a friend or partner. Virgos should take the time to mend their relationships with family members. Sentimental ties will be at risk, so remain open with your family about boundaries. Professional goals may seem out of reach, but this summer is the ideal time to start setting goals. Embrace patience and learning, and spend time investing in your interests. This summer is all about feeling good Virgo, so put a dress on, do your makeup, and go out with your friends! This can help boost your confidence and overall happiness. 


Is marriage on the radar for you, Libra? Looks like you might find a life-long bond this summer! It’s important to discuss future responsibilities with your partner, such as buying a house, becoming parents, and career income. Discussing these topics will make the relationship more comfortable. Libras might take up a new career path that will offer them more financial stability in the long run. Don’t be afraid to switch up your career; it could be for a better future! However, professional commitments might remove your focus on fitness. Put your energy where it is needed the most. Stressing over things will cause no good in the end, Libra! 


The blessing of love will blossom for you in the month of June, Scorpio. You may feel some tension with your partner regarding useless arguments, but don’t let this change the dynamic of the relationship. Communication is key. You find yourself juggling a lot of work responsibilities this summer, so be ready for a busy schedule! Be sure to schedule a summer vacation before the months of July or August, it could get busy around that time. Growing older, you have to prioritize taking care of your body. Love yourself, both mentally and physically, during these summer months. 


If you are single during the summer months, you have to let your heart be open to new encounters, Sagittarius. A partner won’t come to you unless you are open and honest about what you want. Your sexual drive will be in full swing following a great spike in your overall sensuality. It is the perfect time to keep your sights set on something new. You may have had some hardships with professional interviews in the past, but this summer will be an exception. Sagittarius may find themselves opening new doors to professional development with increased earnings. Don’t be afraid to start freelancing as well! Your skills and qualities will be valued in the market. Staying optimistic around the summer months is what your body needs. This may mean traveling in the summer months to find yourself again. Do whatever makes you happy, Sagittarius!


Capricorns may find themselves busy with work life in the beginning of summer, which could impact fulfilling your partner's needs. It’s important to take control of the relationship, and do something special for your partner to let them know you still care. If you are single, you may find a love interest in the month of July. I see you’ve been working hard on your goals this year, dear Capricorn, so keep this energy coming. You could find some new collaborations or deals with business partners this summer. It is important to become satisfied with how far you have come and how far you will go. Make financial investments this summer as well! Capricorns may feel some physical burdens weighing on them due to their time load in the professional world. Take care of your body and mind, Capricorn! 


Summer may bring a lot of turning points regarding family relationships, Aquarius. You may also find a love encounter in the month of May! Your sexual drive may decrease, but your mental compatibility with your partner will increase! Aquarius’ may be in the phase of professional expansion, so don’t give up on a job offer. New work may bring you new opportunities regarding traveling to a new city or meeting new people. You may feel tired from all the professional developments you are searching for, but don’t let it impact your physical and mental state. Rest your body and get some sleep!


Pisces, don’t be afraid to cut off a relationship that is serving you no good. Summer is the time to go out and meet new people while having fun with it. Fall in love with yourself, and this could lead you to falling in love with someone else. Also, don’t give up on new friends! Some people require more time to open up. Laying down the foundations for your professional career is important this summer. You have to work hard to get to where you want to be. Share your creative ideas with people; you never know where it will take you. Good fortune will be brought to you this summer, Pisces. Take time to calm your nerves surrounding work and practice relaxation exercises.

Written by: Chloe West 

IG: @chloe_west7

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