Your Summer Horoscope

Magic ball


This summer will be all about self-improvement. Focus on your passions and dreams; your search for success is coming closer. Don’t be sidetracked by what you see on social media; your independence is your greatest virtue. 


Create a weekly routine to keep you focused this summer. Your keen intellect and curiosity will help you thrive, as long as you keep it structured. 


Infuse every task with your bold energy. Whether it comes to work or friends, your energetic spark is needed to inspire the world. Special opportunities (and people) will be drawn in by your magnetic vibe. 


Remember that it’s okay to put yourself in uncomfortable places. Adventure awaits, and so does the opportunity for growth. Redirect your nurturing energy toward some self love. 


Your community needs you, and you’re overwhelmed by the amount of work to get done! Take a breath, step back. You have time on your side. 


This summer you will get caught in a few tricky situations. Use your gift of communication to deescalate these encounters. People will be impressed by your wise words.


Don’t be afraid of new relationships and opportunities. People will be enamored with your charming kindness. Use that smile to climb ladders and bridge divides; it’s your greatest super power. 


Life is changing, fast. And so are you. Don’t resist these transformations; lean into the uncertainty. You aren’t going to fall down! You have so much untapped strength waiting to blossom. 


Don’t overextend yourself this summer. People rely on you for comfort and advice, and this is okay until a point. Focus on maintaining your wellness. Be your own best friend! 


Embrace your authentic wisdom, but be careful of people who might be jealous of your intelligence. They are only trying to bring you down!


Invest in your creative energy this summer. Spend time on those passion projects to discover new parts of your identity. And don’t feel guilty for putting yourself first! 



When exploring new relationships, remember that nobody is perfect. Not even you! Let yourself be vulnerable; let those walls down. Oh, and get a plant. Trust me.

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