Your Summer 2022 Romance Horoscope

Girl and guy holding hands, surrounded by astrological symbols

Aries: This is a commitment-free summer for our charismatic rams! You need room to breathe, to explore your personal interests, and fall in love with YOURSELF for a change. Don’t force connections for the sake of romance - let your relationships flow naturally, and remind yourself to stay present. 

Taurus: We know you don’t like change, but it’s kind of inevitable…especially when you’ve been holding onto toxic situations for FAR too long. This summer is all about embracing positive energy in your life - from supportive friends to uplifting lovers. There’s no room for flakey and manipulative people! Once you recognize your worth, the rest will fall into place. 

Gemini: While casual hookups used to intrigue you, they no longer serve your needs. No, Gems, that doesn’t mean you’re suddenly bored. Life is all about embracing new phases, and listening to what your heart desires. And your heart currently longs for something serious. 

Cancer: A stagnant love life is not sufficient for your emo energy. Your current partner either needs to step up their game, or step out of the picture. Set some specific goals, like more quality time, romantic dates, and *cough* long-term commitment *cough*. If your beau has one foot out the door, they might as well be kicked out of the Cancer house. 

Leo: The stars are aligned in Leo’s favor (Are we surprised?). This is your moment to take big steps in your romantic life. Whether that means asking out your crush, or getting engaged to your long-term partner, new chapters hold lots of promise for our Leos in love. 

Virgo: You’re coming down from a year of tumultuous love affairs, and need time to recenter your energy. Take a break from the dating scene, and reconnect with the essential elements of who you are. Travel, create, relax - find strength in solitude before investing energy in another person. 

Libra: Temptation is lurking all around, and it’s up to you to take the high road! That special someone won’t wait around forever. This is your chance to take the deep dive, or lose out on a once-in-a-lifetime love. The cards are in your hands. What path will you take? 

Scorpio: Dangerous in love, Scorpios know exactly how to charm their way to the top. This summer, you may just meet your match. Stay guarded with your feelings, don’t let unworthy people trespass into your heart. Remember: the right person won’t make you feel confused. Love may be difficult, but it is not ambiguous. 

Sagittarius: Sagis live for the chase! That’s why they fall in love with people from across the globe. Follow your heart, and it will lead you toward unexpected places, people, and experiences. It’s the summer of positive vibes and new energy. 

Capricorn: Former loves have forced you to relinquish important parts of your identity. This summer, it’s time to reconnect with your Capricorn energy BEFORE reentering the dating field. And when the time comes to find love again, you’ll be a confident, secure, and complete version of yourself. 

Aquarius: Your current love life is kinda falling flat. There’s no spark, no excitement…just predictability and boredom. Introduce some fire into your flings: spontaneous date nights, mini vacations, late night stargazing…anything to reignite that dying flame! 

Pisces: There’s nothing sexier than a secret love affair. Keep things lowkey with your new beau - enjoy each other's company, free from the influence of nosy onlookers. You’ll know when the time is right to make your relationship public. 


Written by: Brianna Rauchman

Instagram: @briannarauchman


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