Your Midheaven Sign Shows You Your Purpose

Your Midheaven Sign Shows You Your Purpose

YES, more astrology facts coming in hot from our podcast The Vicious Virgos

The midheaven aka MC or medium coeli, points to your professional destiny. From giving us clues about our natural gifts to showing us the careers we're best suited for, and the ways we're viewed in public, this sign is a BIG DEAL.

What Is Your Midheaven Sign?

The Midheaven means “middle of the sky” and it marks the zodiac sign that was overhead the moment you were born. It's one of the four angels of the natal chart: ascendant (rising sign), descendant, imum coeli (IC), and medium coeli (MC). Each of these points represents a different part of you, and together, they form what is called the natal or incarnation cross.

This corner of your birth chart is right near your 10th house. Hello Capricorn and careers! The MC reflects the way we project ourselves in society. It identifies our standing, how our colleagues see us, the impression we make to those who don't know us. 

While your rising sign shows the window into your soul and the way others view you when they first meet you, your MC relates more to your career, reputation, and public life. It points towards the outward expression of your individuality.

And if you’re feeling lost, it can help you figure out your purpose, providing clues about your natural gifts & how you contribute to society and the world. It relates to our ambition, indicating HOW your biggest achievements will occur in our lives, how we set goals, and aspire to achieve.

Soooo, now it's time to find your midheaven.

First off, you MUST know your exact birth time, similar to your rising sign. We recommend a free calculator like Cafe Astrology. Once you've found it, continue onward to read what your MC means for you!


  • Initiators
  • Goal-focused, competitive
  • Drawn to roles that promise growth & adventure
  • Movement, starting new projects, excitement
  • Courage, determination
  • Nothing is unachievable 
  • Avoid roles where you may be micromanaged
  • Excellent self-starter, internally motivated, confident
  • Entrepreneur - and happier for it
  • While you’re great at starting projects, sometimes your stubbornness gets in the way and prevents you from following through
  • You’re impulsive, which helps you take business risks, but can also get you in trouble
  • Make sure you get in touch with your instincts to help separate which of your impulses are positive and which may be harmful


  • Authenticity
  • Important for you to be seen for who you are
  • You stay true to your good, steady, and reliable work ethic
  • You’re likely to choose a career around money
  • You always approach, or should approach goals with a method goal
  • You must feel secure and grounded
  • It may take you longer to get to where you need to be - but without a doubt, you’ll do it and achieve success
  • You love the nice things, and you’re likely to achieve them
  • Grounded, and drawn to creativity and elegance
  • Your weaknesses - lazy and struggle with motivation
  • You’re very hard headed and rarely give up on your goals even though it takes you time
  • You’ll feel less anxious in your professional life the more stability you achieve in your career
  • Probably seeking a creative job that also pays well. 


  • Excellent communicator
  • Best to pursue a career where you speak or write
  • You can find trends and are very clever in your delivery
  • Multitasker
  • You thrive on diversity in projects
  • Learning and discovery brings you joy
  • You have the potential to suffer from burnout from taking on too many projects at once
  • You’re flirty and very charismatic
  • You know how to capitalize on your charm to get ahead
  • You’re quick witted
  • Excel in your career, especially if it’s in communications
  • You work best as a freelancer, juggling side hustles
  • You make a fabulous influencer


  • The ultimate caregiver
  • You create beautiful spaces
  • Hospitality or interior design make sense for you
  • Perhaps your ultimate purpose is in parenting
  • May go into business with family or for the family business
  • Energetic boundaries are really important to your success
  • You’re affected by others because you’re so empathetic
  • You’re exceptionally compassionate and an understanding supervisor
  • You’ll most likely help others in your profession
  • A career in the arts could be great for you 
  • Teaching or working with children could bring you a lot of fufilment
  • You may have professional ups and downs, similar to the tide with the moon
  • Don’t take professional criticism personally
  • Try your best to learn from it and grow


  • Involved in creative work, usually in a public facing way. Think actors, artists, singers.
  • This pleasure seeking sign must learn to stay the course, even when things get tough
  • Try not to lose faith in your dreams
  • Take advantage of your creative nature to find solutions to your problems, and don’t give up
  • You do well in a leadership position 
  • Naturally ooze charismatic
  • Would thrive in politics or business
  • Keep your ego in check, and listen to those who give constructive feedback
  • You’re incredibly ambitious, but can lose sight of long-term goals when smaller opportunities for fame and recognition appear
  • Prone to speaking up publicly, so do your best to think before speaking
  • Be thoughtful and use your platform for good.


  • You strive to achieve a level of perfection in your professional life
  • Great success is yours because of your perfectionist ways
  • Look out for obsessive thinking or being overly critical of your coworkers
  • You may find satisfaction in a profession that helps others
  • You can be a powerful force in wellness or healing
  • You intuitively just KNOW what someone needs to rest, recover & when they need inspiration
  • You work well with having two different careers at once or a side hustle
  • Structure is important to you
  • You are a great problem solver
  • Remember that perfectionism doesn’t allow us to move forward, so move forward even if not everything is “ready”


  • You’re the best at avoiding public scandal and criticism
  • You’re also super skilled at maintaining your reputation
  • Because you always want to keep the peace, be mindful of people-pleasing
  • You have the capacity to be successful AF, specifically in fields of communication, diplomacy, or law
  • Don’t be scared to speak up or assert yourself when it’s important and needed
  • You’re likely to go far in interpersonal professions
  • You’ll attract amazing partners, just be mindful of how much you give to others. This can be quite the drain on you. (ex: if you end up in a career in therapy, just try not to get too involved in your patient life)
  • You're most likely to find a romantic partner or lifelong friend at work


  • All about showing the hidden aspects
  • You make an excellent therapist and investigator
  • Spiritual professions (like mediums, psychics & energy workers)
  • You thrive on the unknown and usually work in fields that may be uncomfortable for others
  • Method acting might not be for you
  • You like exposing, interrogating and healing
  • You don’t like the surface, dull, BS. So something “steady,” is boring for you
  • You take on really tough topics and can find that you’ve achieved some kind of notoriety with bravery
  • You should be mindful of your potential to manipulate others
  • If you’re not channeling your traits into healthy outlets, you’re likely to become paranoid and burn bridges.


  • Wild and lustful for life
  • You feel constrained by the “typical” 9-5
  • You find your inspiration in travel and foreign cultures, constantly seeking knowledge
  • You love to blow off money if you’re able to travel
  • You’re charismatic and this helps you make social connections and network
  • You’re known for being harsh, therefore, sometimes hard to work with
  • You march to the beat of your own drum
  • You could be an offbeat teacher, philosopher, or world traveler
  • You’re always trying to create your own reality
  • Avoid any role that makes you feel claustrophobic or where you feel constrained
  • Find a way to balance your ego in order to collaborate more harmoniously with others


  • You're the sign of success and money
  • You’re usually career oriented and don’t let much get in your way
  • Nothing happens to you by accident or overnight, but always by hard work
  • You can end up isolating your friends, family and lovers by prioritizing work
  • You come off as “icy” to your coworkers
  • You crave security and love in your personal life, so make sure you find balance and nurture your relationships with work
  • You’re a born entrepreneur
  • A master of logistics, structure & systems
  • You thrive in tense working environments, careers that may sound stressful to the rest of us!
  • When you’re feeling burnt out, try tapping into your creativity to lighten things up.


  • You thrive on ways to contribute to the collective
  • You’re an excellent visionary, adventurer and can channel ideas related to technology, mathematics or science
  • Aspire with flexibility in whatever you do, but don’t shy away from a formal career just cause it feels “stiff,” you’re still capable of finding satisfaction in these positions
  • A natural entrepreneur, likely to be self-employed
  • You’re an individual thinker, and get frustrated with corporate structures
  • Activism is best suited-for you
  • Try not to blow people off or act aloof just cause something more interesting came along
  • Collaboration is important, even if you work better alone
  • New perspectives on things are healthy, regardless of how stubborn and smart you think you are


  • You probably have a hard time separating your personal and professional life
  • Use this to your advantage - you should work with friends or partners, something creative that allows you to channel your psychic and emotional nature
  • Everyone’s looking to you for ideas because your innovative mind is always creating
  • You’re prone to: daydreaming, distractions → so find some tools to help you stay focused and motivated
  • You’re likely highly intuitive, create amazing works of art and design.
  • You’re also really great spiritual or healing professions
  • You’re not one who will thrive in a public-facing position
  • Being the center of attention makes you uncomfortable, and you’re happiest when creating something new or redoing it versus managing their image.

Utilize your midheaven to your advantage but make sure to follow your dreams. Listen to the full episode here .

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