Your Autumn Love Horoscope

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Autumn is the season for fall-ing in love! The changing colors and cooling weather provide the perfect backdrop for a little romance. Wondering what the stars have in store for you these next few months? Read below to discover your Autumn Love Horoscope!

Aries: Sick and tired of the Tinder drama? Well, you’re in luck. This fall, you’re taking center stage in a very exciting love story! Get ready to be dazzled by a dreamy suitor. While it may be quite exhilarating, please remain cautious. Don’t let just anyone gain access to your precious heart. 

Taurus: As Mercury ignites your passion, take advantage of that lovey-dovey energy! If you’re boo’d up, now’s the time to plan a staycation or book a fine dining experience. For our single Taureans, opt for fancy dates over Netflix and chilling. 

Gemini: This fall, you’re just not feelin’ it. No interesting romantic prospects, no lustful energy…just blah. Take this time to personally recharge: go on solo dates, purchase a sensual perfume. Fall in love with yourself before reentering the romantic scene!

Cancer: Ok, Cancers, buckle up, cause you’re in for a messy ride. Past partners are destined to resurface, and the drama is about to get real. Stay true to your values, remember *why* you broke up, and everything should turn out okay.

Leo: As Neptune connects with Jupiter, your sexual energy is unlocked, and you’ll find various paramours gravitating toward your magnetic vibes. Remember Leos: with great power comes great responsibility. Don’t mess with too many people, or karma might just bite back. 

Virgo: This fall, experimentation is on the table. Whether that means dating outside your “type,” shaking things up in the bedroom, or spicing up your wardrobe with some sexy lingerie, novelty is your dynamite! 

Libra: As fall approaches, romantic abundance will enter your life. While you’re fulfilled by your love life, your personal struggles may leave you feeling unsettled. Don’t pour too much energy into another perosn, Libras, or you’ll be left with nothing for yourself.

Scorpio: As Venus conjuncts the sun, marriage vibes are on your mind. You have a new outlook toward relationships, as you consider a long-term, serious partnership. Commitment is scary, Scorpios, but if it’s the right person, it’s 100% worth it. 

Sagittarius: New connections are awaiting you, but no, they won’t just fall at your feet. You actually have to put in some effort to see what’s out there, ok? Skip the digital dating for now, you're much more appealing irl. Hit up bars, mingle at parties, or spend some time at your local coffee shop! 

Capricorn: All Caps have the secret romantic side that they *try* to suppress. This autumn, lean into that lovey dovey energy. Say yes to: love notes, roses, sensual perfume. Avoid: working at night, sad movies, isolation. 

Aquarius: Your communication is looking a little rocky this fall, so it’s best to proceed with caution. New romantic prospects will bring confusion and hardship, while established relationships will be put to the test. A gentle reminder: people can’t read your mind! 

Pisces: You rely on your love life to fuel your creativity, so what happens when you’re just not feelin’ it? This autumn, discover new ways to tap into your imaginative energy. As you grow your mind, true love may unexpectedly waltz into your life. But don’t wait up. Not to be all cliché, but It’ll happen when you least expect it. 

Whether you're in a relationship, stuck in a “situation,” or living the single life, autumn will provide a fresh romantic perspective. Keep an open mind - you never know what the changing seasons will reveal!


Written by: Brianna Rauchman

Instagram: @briannarauchman


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