What is "Food Astrology"?

What is

Food. A best friend, confidant, temptress, vixen. Sometimes we revere it, sometimes we dismiss it. Astrology is no different. Served to you much like a Thanksgiving meal--a gorgeous spread of various items, warm and enticing. You take a pick at whatever interests you most, and dive right in.

So What's Food Astrology?

The relationship between food and astrology pretty much dates back to the dawn of time. Ancient cultures grew their crops by tracking the celestial cycles and life depended upon the relationship with the cosmos. It was actually pretty cool. 

Food astrology is a branch of astrology in which information is provided to you according to your food habits vis-a-vis your zodiac sign, as well as the auspicious and inauspicious planets present in the horoscope.

Astrologers believe that your food has the potential to change your destiny. The right food can bless you with good health, prosperity and a long life. 

Food is directly related to the planets and so it’s believed that if you want to keep your ruling planet happy, then you eat thoughtfully. That’s how you get the rewards. Vedic astrology, which is what we're delving into today, tells us what foods to eat to change our destiny forever. So according to what you eat, your planet gets the power. 

"What is your ruling planet and how do you find it?"

Most people think their ruling planet rules over their sun sign aka zodiac sign, but that's a common misconception. Your ruling planet actually has nothing to do with your sun sign. Instead, it rules over the zodiac sign that your ascendant *rising sign* falls under. 

So for Example: My rising sign is Sagittarius, so my ruling planet is Jupiter since Jupiter rules Sagittarius. 

With Food Astrology, we reference ancient rulers (because it's Vedic), so while signs like Scorpio are now ruled by Pluto, its ancient ruler is Mars. Don't worry, if you’re confused, we’ve mapped it out for you below!


Ruling Planets and Food

Sun (Leo is your Ascendent) 

You’re a bit picky when it comes to food. You want it to be super tasty and of course, hot and spicy. Foods that make you sweat are so your vibe. You also enjoy the flavor and smells of essential aromatic oils. If you want to strengthen your Sun, try eating spices like ginger and add a bit of heat with red chilies. Fruits and vegetables are obviously important, just make sure they’re fresh and properly cut *you and your particulars*. You love bitter and complex flavors, so eating foods with multiple spices like pepper, cinnamon, and cumin can improve your Sun’s energy in your chart. Fruits like peaches, grapes, plum, and oranges also do the trick. And here’s the fun one: WHEAT. Yup, Leo's the bread sign, basically. Wheat actually relates to the sun--it lights it up! So if you crave pride, fame, physical strength, and deeper personal connections, you gotta eat what wheat!

Moon (Cancer is your Ascendant) 

Cozy up with some ice cream, cookies, and cinnamon buns. Any comfort food that brings nostalgia is right up your alley. Cancer is partial to salty tastes, but also loves the heavy, rich sweet taste of dairy products. You increase your Moon’s energy by eating dairy products. So no more *I’m lactose intolerant except cheese* proclamations. It’s just science now… Starchy foods like sweet potatoes and potato are also great for you. With fruit, you will prefer sweet, watery and juicy fruit like melons. If you're not vegan or vegetarian, try eating seafood, seaweeds, fish, crab and lobster. You know, eat you're own, apparently... And of course anything that depicts motherly love *the moon symbolizes the mother*, like soup and other soothing foods. If you lack determination and have emotional issues Cancer, these foods will help you own your power. Oh, and here’s a fun one: Moon natives prefer soft food where they don’t have to chew much. So there’s that.

Jupiter (Sagittarius or Pisces is your Ascendant) 

Oily, pungent, sweet-tasting foods like butter, seeds, and nuts or fried and crispy food--that’s your shtick. You prefer more bold preparations, bitter tastes, and spicy flavors. Grains like wheat, oats and rice cooked with a bit of oil or a little nut butter would also be yummy *and very on trend*. Sag, you might like tonic foods and herbs too. Yes, they’re expensive and yes, you’re into it. Pisces, you’re one of those people who’s more interested in observing the flavor and aroma of your food than eating it. Doom scrolling recipes on TikTok really gets you going. If your Jupiter is weak, incorporate garlic, tomato, and lemon into your diet. Also, you can have fruit juices that are aromatic and flavorful. Iron-rich items like red meat, seafood, and legumes will also do the trick. Just avoid too much salt!

Mars (Aries or Scorpio is your Ascendant) 

Loaded with spices and interesting flavors, you’re into some adventurous eats. Anything that instantly hits your mouth with a bang. Aries and Scorpio like sour, acrid and a combo of bitter/pungent tastes. Think fermented foods like kombucha and sauerkraut. Onions, garlic, mustard, pickles--you’re basically a hamburger’s best friend. But above all, you’re a chocoholic that secretly loves extremely deep-fried foods. Mmm funnel cake. Alcohol and red meat can increase Mars’ energies, but they can also dull the spiritual self, soooo, avoid them basically? It’s a bit confusing. Basically they say that small amounts can be had at small intervals but that’s it. Which is just good practice in general, yeah? And here’s the kicker: To improve your Mars energy, you must eat food red in color. Foods like tomato and red pepper aid in strengthening Mars. Kinda cool honestly.

Mercury (Virgo or Gemini is your Ascendant) 

The sharpa the chedda, the betta! You like cooling and refreshing items with a pungent taste. Gemini love eating fast foods and quick bites. Diner food is your jam. And then there’s our dear Virgo with their healthy, nutritious palette. They’ve got a sensitive digestive system and usually stick to simple preparations like boiled vegetables, salad, whole grains, and apples. You’re not boring, per-say, just pleasantly predictable? So, if you want to strengthen your Mercury, consume vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, leafy vegetables, salads, and celery. Also, fruits like banana, pomegranate, apple, and cranberries will improve the Mercury condition in your life. Mercury also likes the taste of tannins (e.g. tamarind) and volatile oils of a calming nature like mint and fennel. So take a spa day. We know you need it!

Venus (Libra or Taurus is your Ascendent) 

You’re all about relishing in an amalgamation of sweet and sharp flavors. Honey, chocolate, and of course, aphrodisiacs like red wine and oysters. Venus likes the taste and flavor of fragrant essential oils and spices like basil, fennel, mint, nutmeg, and vanilla etc. A scented candle, basically. Taurus and Libra people are a bit prone to… overindulgence. So if you’re going to dine with them, expect a swanky location and hefty bill. To strengthen your Venus, eat sweet fruits like figs, dates, and mango. Eating food like strawberries, almonds, and yogurt will also help. Just remember, with Venus, it’s easy to overdo it, so just be careful and honor that balance.

Saturn (Aquarius or Capricorn is your Ascendent) 

These people like eating light and less often, consuming meals that aid in detoxification. And they’ve got to be functional. Cap, you probably live in Santa Monica, go to your same green juice spot every morning and finish the night with a warm glass of homemade Oat Milk. Aqua, veggies are your bestie. You enjoy high-fiber meals and salads with leafy vegetables. Eat cold and bitter-tasting food items to gain strength. Saturn is inclined to bitter tastes, and prefers a combination of astringent/bitter flavors. Eating detoxifying foods, blood purifiers and raw foods like salads, sesame seeds, coffee, dark chocolate, and vegetables belonging to the cabbage family are great too! Also ‘drying grains’ like barley, millets, rye and corn. Yes, you're bland, get over it.

Fun Fact: Planets like Saturn and Jupiter are more spiritual planets, which can make people with these placements quite headstrong about following a certain diet!

The Bottom Line:

Food Astrology is pretty cool! Of course, please take this all with a grain of salt. Eat what makes you feel good and brings you happiness. Balance is always important, of course, but sometimes indulgence is what you need, too. Revel in the dynamic flavors, sensations, and harmony food provides your body with. It’s such a beautiful thing we get to enjoy, and I for one will never tire of it.

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