What Does Cheugy Really Mean?

What does chuegy really mean?

The word “cheugy" has taken the internet by storm, namely on Tiktok where creators have been making videos declaring what is and is not cheugy. Though this phrase is associated with a wide variety of things, it is most heavily used when talking about fashion. From trends of the past to current fads, cheugy is used for it all, but has it gone too far? 

Before diving into this debate it is important to know that clothing items can be put into three main categories: classic, trend and fad. A classic piece is something that can change slightly but at its core remains the same. Classic clothing items are fixtures in a wardrobe that have been stylish in the past, are stylish now, and will be stylish into the foreseeable future. Trendy clothing are items that will stay “in” for 3-10 years, typically, and then after that 10-year point the items are “out” again. Fads are those items that gained popularity seemingly overnight, and then just as abruptly, those same items are out of style. 

Items like Ugg boots, Gucci belts, graphic T’s, and anything with a Chevron have all been deemed cheugy; all of these items also happen to fall under the “trend” category. Other items that have been put into the cheugy include basic white button downs, jean jackets, and leather jackets, however unlike the previous items, these fit into the “classic” umbrella. These pieces of clothing have evolved with modern trends and now exist in several different styles. 

Most importantly, cheugy denotes a late 90’s/early 2000’s style dawned by the millennial generation. In an effort to chastise their elders, Gen Z kids have developed this jargon to classify cheesy millennial fashion trends. At the end of the day, these “word wars” are all fun and games. If you can dish out the dirt, you also have to take the heat. Whether your style is stuck in the cheugy, modern, or somewhere in between, you deserve to rock your clothes without limitations! 

If you’re feeling a bit intimidated by the fast pace of fashion, take a break from Tik Tok, and step into the real world. Nobody cares if your outfit is slightly dated, or if your skin doesn’t come with a luxury makeup filter IRL. You are enough the way you are, and no amount of cheugy clothes will ever change that.

Written by: Alexa Rosenberger 

Instagram: @lex.gabrielle_

Twitter: @alexgabrie11e

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