The Perfect Overnight Bag

The Perfect Overnight Bag

For when you’re about to do ‘the deed’ but don’t want to quite master the walk of shame. This compilation of items have quite literally saved me from leaving a hookup looking like I just got run over by a truck.

I hate how the movies show the girl waking up post-sex looking like a ray of sunshine. That’s just not the reality! I’m not a morning person whatsoever and while these items don’t reflect my full glam routine, they help me feel more prepared.

1. Makeup Wipes

No sex is worth an acne breakout. If you’re religious about your skincare routine, don’t let your hard work go to waste. There’s also nothing worse than rubbing a dark glob of mascara onto your partner’s pillowcase. If your partner is a man, let’s be honest, they’re not gonna know how to wash that shit out. Good news is that Neutrogena sells makeup wipes in singles! I always keep a few in my overnight bag. Even if it’s not for post-sex purposes, the minis will come in handy at some point.

2. Mini Perfume or Deodorant

Sweat is only natural. There’s no avoiding it. Having a good scent will certainly have your partner mesmerized but will also block out the BO! Mini Face Cream After you wipe off your makeup, if you want your skin to feel healthy and hydrated, a mini face cream could come in use! Even if it’s the little travel size Cetaphil cream from your local drugstore, moisture is key to keeping your skin feeling fresh and looking bright.

3. Breath Freshener

Whether it’s a little mint, a piece of gum, or even a travel size mouthwash, freshening your breath is only natural to the morning routine. You’ll thank yourself for this one because morning breath ain’t that cute.

4. Period Gear

Okay, so I know the girlies are pretty seasoned in tracking our cycle, but I’m a woman of the ‘what if’s’—shoutout anxiety for that one. What if I happen to get my period? I always have a tampon packed in my overnight bag because it’s better to be safe than sorry. Lip Tint This might be a personal one, but I strongly believe that adding a little bit of color to my face ‘lifens’ it up. If lip color isn’t really your thing maybe you could substitute this for a hydrating chapstick!

Author: Vivian Reilly

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