The Black Hole of Tinder Love

The Black Hole of Tinder Love

Swiping left and right
One profile picture after another
Mindlessly deciding whether you 
Are screwable or not.
That’s what it has come down to
In the 21st century.  
A quick snap judgement,
One that could mean you missed a genuine connection
(not likely however)
Or hooked a clingy, narcissistic, imbalanced
Horny, lying 

Whether in one-night stands 
Or marriage
Or Friends with Benefits
We all want it.

A sore mistake is believing that 
Your chances of finding a true 
Connection is truly near,
When in fact, the statistics say 
They are less than 

Why do we redownload?
Why do we keep hoping in vain?
What do we gain from new pictures,
Snappy bios, 
And pictures of kittens and puppies?
More lonely nights
Staring into the abyss of blue light and pink hues.

More nights coming home asking,
How did I fall for that line yet again?

A hold of the screen,
Hovering above the app
You click delete.
Three days later…
You’re back searching through the 
App store. 


Written by: Alexandra Beitia 

Instagram: @doubleboom_running_city

Twitter: @Alex06674699

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