The Art of Being a Woman

animated woman with arms around each other

The art of being a woman is to play life as a game.
Each hardship is an arrow, now step back and take aim.
I do not believe women lose their beauty with age.
No matter how time changes, we can’t be in the cage.

Women are strong, when we face danger, we fight,
To be the smarter vessel at the end of the night. 
Being clever is an art, and staying clever is a gift.
When battles are fought, we never go adrift. 

Look at our faces, stare into our eyes,
We will not be put down and you will not see our cries.
Look at us, we bare our children and become mothers.
Don’t mistake our tears for cowardice amongst the others. 

The art of being a woman is to play life as a game.
We fear not failure, for failure is not shame.
We love, we care, we endure sorrow, 
Encountering obstacles in every tomorrow.

Yet the older we grow, the more wondrous we are.
The wiser we become, glistening like a distant star.
That is how you play the game of womanhood,
To wake up and know strength runs in your blood. 

Peer into our faces, stare into the eyes. 
Behold the power, we are champions.

Written by: Ameny Daif
Instagram: @diary_of_daydreamer1994_


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  • Autumn

    powerful message i love it 🥰

  • Madaleine Daif

    So true. Beautifully written. ❤️

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