Should Astrological Compatibility be a Relationship Deal Breaker?

Should astrological compatibility be a relationship deal breaker

Many people believe that their significant other must be compatible with their zodiac sign in order for the partnership to be successful. Is your relationship written in the stars? After my boyfriend and I started dating, we discovered similar interests, hobbies, values and morals. After we got into our first fight, I started questioning whether our zodiac signs were compatible. As a taurus, my earth sign is ruled by simplicity and free spirit thinking. My boyfriend, a scorpio, is a practical and emotional water sign. Though these may seem incompatible, our astrological sign doesn’t have to define our relationship. Through communication and effort, you can breach the divide between any two zodiac signs. 

Are zodiac signs deal breakers in a relationship? Absolutely not, it’s just a bonus! From being in a relationship for three years, I’ve studied my partner and adapted to our mutual shortcomings. As a scorpio, my boyfriend can be possessive at times. I’ve learned to set boundaries and reaffirm his security with me. My taurus aura has also taught him to be more reliable and in-tune with his soul. We bring out the best in each other, and have found ways to overcome those differences. 

Yes, similar signs are drawn to each other in the ways they are alike. If you and your significant other have similarities among your zodiac signs, then that can be a great indicator for long-term relationships! But don’t worry, because the reverse is also true. Have you ever heard the saying opposites attract? Just because your zodiac sign isn’t similar with your significant other, doesn’t mean a healthy relationship won’t last. In astrology, there is a term known as your “half birthday”, which aligns with whatever zodiac sign lands on that day. These signs are known to align just as much with your actual sign. Since I’m a late May taurus, my half birthday would fall under the month of November. Therefore, my half birthday is under the sign, Scorpio, which is my boyfriend's sign! Although we differ in many areas, we still have similar things about each other every day that bring the relationship closer. 

Finding your venus sign can be another indicator of your love language with your partner. Venus is ruled by love, beauty, pleasure and finance. This planet is known for understanding who we are attracted to, how we express our emotions and what we allow into our auras. To find your venus sign, or your significant others, click this link! Understanding both you and your partner's venus sign can be a better indicator of the relationship. My venus sign is the same as my sun sign, which is a taurus. However, my boyfriend’s venus sign is a libra. While these two signs are completely compatible, this knowledge has definitely helped us understand why our love language is different. 

Your sun sign is only a fraction of yourself; wait until you learn your whole natal chart! Finding other planets you and your partner are in tune with, such as the moon, can provide deeper insight into your relationship.

Don’t be discouraged if your significant other’s zodiac sign doesn’t align with yours! You don’t have to have the same personality as your partner to make a relationship work. Relationships are built on trust, honestly, determination and your love for your fellow human being. Zodiac signs are just another addition to the adventure! 

Written by: Chloe West

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