New Moon Ritual for January 21

New Moon Ritual for January 21

Ready to shake up your Saturday night and potentially the rest of your life? The New Moon, making its debut on Saturday, January 21, 2023, at 3:52 ES in the sign of Aquarius could do just that. In fact, the Sun, Moon, Venus, and Saturn will all be in the sign of Aquarius this night making for a cosmic cocktail that will amp up your intentions and delivery from the universe in a big way.

A New Moon is a time for new beginnings. A time when we can break old bonds and set our intentions to manifest our ideals, goals, visions, and dreams for the future. This could include a new job, love, or a change that could bring us a new life. It is the time of the month to plant the seeds for the future!

Aquarius, the water bearer, is an air sign representative of creativity, ingenuity, innovation, and individuality. The air sign in Aquarius helps us remember that we are all connected by the breath and with the breath comes communication. This New Moon happens right after the mercury retrograde ends. Ah, the dreaded Mercury retrograde! Known for obscuring communication and flipping emotions six ways to Sunday it's no wonder people feel “off” during this time. However, with it gone, a New Moon in Aquarius ensures communication is clearer and emotions are back right side up.

New Moon Ritual

If you have never done a ritual and don’t have an altar, don’t fret. There are a few simple things you can gather from around your house or outside to guarantee a fruitful ritual.

I like to first gather all my supplies first so I’m not breaking the circle or scattering my energy mid-ritual. After gathering my supplies, the real work begins. It’s critical to get into the right “head space” before a ritual. Clearing the mind to release and receive all that the universe has to offer. Getting yourself into a relaxed state could include taking a cleansing shower or sitting silently and reflecting on your intentions for the ritual at hand. I know I’m ready when I feel connected and intent on what I’m about to do. On to the ritual!

To manifest a new job, whether specific or to call on the universe to send an opportunity you’d never considered, perform this ritual during the New Moon.

Supplies you will need:

A small bowl of salt to cast a circle

Matches or a lighter

Eight candles - a black, green, brown, and one of your choice as well as four white ones for the cardinal directions (If you don’t have colored candles white ones can be used)

Fireproof candle holders

A sturdy surface on which to place your materials

Each candle has its own meaning. The astral candle can be a color of your choosing to represent yourself, the green candle is for prosperity, the black candle is used to remove obstacles, and the brown candle represents the job itself.

Next, you will need either anointing herbs or oil, that represent prosperity. These include patchouli, lemongrass, spearmint or basil, frankincense, clove, cinnamon, ginger orange, or spruce. If you don’t have any of these handle a quick internet search can help you find more herbs and spices that can be substituted for the above list. It’s about intention, not perfection.

Now, walking in a clockwise rotation, place a white candle in each of the cardinal directions (North, East, South, West) and light them. Then, take your bowl of salt also walking clockwise in a circle creating a boundary around the cardinal direction candles. Inside this circle is where “the magic happens”.

Now that you are within the circle, start by anointing each of the other four candles from bottom to top (rubbing the oil or herbs over them) and placing them into their corresponding positions.

Put the black candle in the center, the brown candle to your left, and the green candle to your right. Set the astral candle above the black candle. Make sure the candles are on a sturdy surface as they will be burned until they extinguish on their own.

Light the astral candle and say:

I ask for change; that is my right. Open the way, clear my sight. 

Light the black candle and say:

Bad luck flees, and obstacles fall. Ill-wishers vanish! Heed my call!

Light the green candle and say:

Good luck is mine and prosperity. Help me Great Ones. come to me.

Light the brown candle and say:

Opportunity, work, rewards I see. And as I will, so must it be.

Leave the candles to burn out completely and dispose of the wax afterward. Each night for a week, or until the candle is used, burn a second brown (or white) candle for nine minutes while meditating and gaining balance in preparation for the good and the job to come.

During this time period, actively seek a job. Listen to your hunches and follow up on any leads.

Happy New Moon!

Author: Jocelyn Hall 

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