How to Tell if You've Met Your Soulmate

How to Tell if You've Met Your Soulmate

When you picture a life with a soulmate, you probably imagine a happily ever after with someone who truly understands you. You most likely hope to fall deeply in love, and have the wedding of your dreams. Perhaps, this person makes you feel complete, or gives you butterflies in your stomach. Or maybe, your soulmate is your best friend who makes you laugh, and cheers you up when you cry. At the end of the day, your soulmate should be someone you share a deep connection with on an emotional level.

A soulmate will accept you for who you are, including every flaw and imperfection. They will allow you to feel safe and secure in their company. Their soul compliments yours…they will make you feel happy.

So how do you know when you’ve met your soulmate? While it isn’t always clear, and you can have multiple “soulmates” in your life (platonic, romantic, and otherwise), there are some tell-tale signs that you’ve met a soulmate. First and foremost, you will be enough, complete as you are. Your paths will cross and you will be drawn to each other. They will be someone you can be completely yourself around. They will make you a better version of yourself and encourage you to strive for your dreams. A soulmate will make you love yourself more and make you believe in true friendship. It is quite possible your paths have crossed in a previous life (there’s always a spiritual connection between soulmates!)  You will feel incredibly drawn to them and you will feel like you have known them forever. 

The idea of fate also connects soulmates. If it’s meant to happen, it will. Maybe your soulmate is your true friend or the love of your life…either way, it’s wonderful to find someone who genuinely compliments the essence of your being.  

Do you believe in soulmates? Maybe you believe in that one special person, or perhaps you think genuine connections lie in both friendships and romantic partners. At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that everything happens for a reason. A relationship should elevate your life. A partner should grow with you, and share similar values. If you feel like you have found someone you want to be in your life forever, that is truly something special. 

I believe there is someone perfect for everyone in this world, who will love your faults and won't judge you. Whether it is a friend or partner, they will make you feel beautiful and the relationship will be unique. 

I’d like to emphasize that soulmates do not have to be romantic! Your best friend may be your soulmate. Also, your soul mate may be scattered amongst lots of different people. Be open and mindful of new energies entering your life.   

The series Soulmates on Amazon Prime asks if love is destiny or a choice. Everyone wants to be loved, whatever that means to them.  Being in love is a lovely feeling after all. There’s that special someone for everyone…it’s just about timing. 

If you are interested in soulmates, I recommend the Finding Sky trilogy of fiction books by Joss Stirling.  

While I’ve yet to meet my soulmate, I believe there is someone special out there in this world for everyone. You will know when you’ve met someone you never want to let go. 

As "The Fray Over My Head" song famously says: ‘I wish you were a stranger I could disengage’

Fun Fact: Did you know some animals mate for life, including penguins, swans and beavers? There are soulmates for the animals too!  I hope this gives you hope that your person (or people) are out there somewhere, waiting to be found. 

Written by: Lisa Morris-Day

Instagram: @lisaemd

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