How to Survive Mercury in Retrograde Based on Your Sign

How to survive mercury in retrograde based on your sign

When Mercury is in retrograde, EVERYTHING changes. And we’re sitting right in the thick of it until February 21th, so buckle your seatbelts! 3-4x per year, this astrological phenomena unfolds, as the planet Mercury moves in an “opposite” direction to planet Earth. 

Backwards planets?! We know, it sounds like a stretch, but bare with us. This illusion is prompted by the fact that Mercury orbits slower than the Earth, and appears to move in the opposite direction when passing by. Even though the planets don’t actually flip flop around, astrologists do believe that this event directly impacts life on Earth. In astrology, Mercury dictates communication, travel, and education. Therefore, when Mercury enters retrograde, chaos follows!

During this period of time, it is important to try and maintain consistency with communication and technology in your life. If Apple releases a new i-phone, wait until after February 21st to make that purchase. Need to visit your long distance babe? Don’t fly until the stars have realigned. This is also a crucial time for mending division and wounds from the past. After spending time healing, release that negative energy, and allow it to melt away. 

This year, Mercury is retrograding in a water-based sign: Pisces. For those affected, emotions may be impacted, as sensible decision making flies out the window. Be wary of your feelings, and avoid acting on impulse. 

While everyone (unfortunately) has to endure the tumultuous period of retrograde, it’s important to prepare for this event based on your specific Zodiac Sign. Below, I’ve written a retrograde survival guide for the signs! Follow these tips to help ease the inevitable chaos.

Aries: When communication falters, the direct Aries gets uncomfortable. Focus on patience when interacting with others. It may feel uncomfortable, but you will overcome this!

Taurus: While spending money is super fun, I recommend saving for a rainy day this retrograde season! Reflect on your financial habits from the last year. Were there some things you could have changed? Some amazon packages that didn’t need overnight delivery?

Gemini: Tread lightly when opening up to new romantic partners. Make sure they are there for the right reasons before exposing the most vulnerable parts of your identity! The right person can and will wait. 

Cancer: Your routine is going to be shaken up this time of year! Make sure to double check and triple check all of your work, to avoid any potential mishaps. 

Leo: We know that GameStop and AMC have everyone interested in the stock market, but I recommend steering clear of any risky activity during this period. Playing it safe is definitely the move. 

Virgo: During this time, you’ll find your patience is being tested to new heights. Avoid making spontaneous decisions, especially with work, and practice open communication with your colleagues. 

Libra: This cycle may blur your memories, and you may feel compelled to bring up a dead and buried past. Avoid reopening healed wounds without a clear purpose. 

Scorpio: Stay AWAY from any travel not within a 2 mile radius of your home. During this time, you are prone to disorientation and confusion. You do NOT want to be on a trip in the mountains while Mercury is in Retrograde. 

Sagittarius: You’re giving off lots of mixed signals this month. Try to be clear with your intentions, and reflect on how others may be perceiving your actions.

Capricorn: Due to the timing of this retrograde, you may be in for a real storm. I recommend avoiding any critical life decisions, as your pristine intuition is now scrambled. Also avoid oversharing; not everyone is entitled to know the real you. 

Aquarius: Old (and potentially unwelcome) friends may be popping up in your notifications around this time. Tread lightly when it comes to reigniting old bonds. Be protective of your time, energy, and of course, your heart. 

Pisces: Right now, you may find yourself reconsidering the direction of your life path. Before making any final decisions, ask yourself: “Have I hit a momentary slump, or do I truly want to upend my life goals?”

I’m wishing you safety, health, and stability this Retrograde season. Stay alert, stay aware, and we will get through this together!

Written by: Brianna Rauchman

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