How To Stop Phone Addiction

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Being addicted to your smartphone is more common than ever. Many people don’t even know that they are addicted to their phone since it is so common to use it for almost everything. As our world becomes increasingly digital, it is no surprise we are relying more on our smartphones than ever to get by in life.

Addiction Center defines phone addiction as “the obsessive use of a smartphone or the fear of  being without a mobile device.”  Have you ever freaked out over a missing phone? Do you spend hours aimlessly scrolling through social media to avoid your thoughts? If so, you may be addicted to your phone. 

One way to help combat phone addiction is by setting a time limit on when you can use your phone. In the settings of an iPhone you can set time limits for apps. This is a great way to also combat social media addiction. By setting these times, you consciously realize when you have  been on an app for too long.

If you are someone who can’t stay off their phone while working during the day (this excludes people who use their phone for their job), it may be a good idea to find a box to put your phone in while you work. When something is out of sight, you will likely forget about it after a little bit of time until you see it again. This could help improve your productivity and lower your screen time. 

Personally, I use the do not disturb feature on my phone during the day while I am working. I also use the new focus setting to create a work focus which will only let notifications come through that pertain to my work. When I am not getting notifications on my phone it is a lot easier to put it down and focus on what I am doing. After a while I forget the phone is there since it is not lighting up so often.

Another way to help phone addiction is by finding a new hobby to take the place of your phone. For me, I use reading. I get so involved with my book that I forget about my phone, and it helps me stay off of it for a few hours. Trying a new workout or activity could help you put the phone down and focus on something new.

One other way that has helped me the most is deleting social media apps for periods of time. I have found that I spend most of my time on my phone on social media. When I deleted my main social media apps for a few hours, or even a few days, I found that I was less likely to be on my phone because there wasn’t much for me to do on it anymore.

Phone addiction is nothing to be ashamed of. With the increasing prevalence of technology, phone addiction is going to become more normalized and more prevalent. While advancements in technology are seen as a good thing in many peoples’ eyes, it is also possible to step back from our world of technology and take a break.

By:  Sydney Karlos

Instagram: @sydkarloss

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