How to Set Boundaries With Clingy Friends

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Along with family and romantic partners, friends are a significant part of your social life. However, relationships can get complicated, especially when one friend constantly needs attention from the other. When it comes to setting boundaries with a clingy friend, what should you do? 

In any relationship, having boundaries is very important. Spending too much time with one person is not healthy. Everyone deserves personal space. Friends, family, and your significant other don't always know when to back off or give you space. The first step in setting boundaries with a friend is to ask yourself why you need these boundaries. Are they showing up unexpectedly at your house? Are they always demanding you answer their calls? If they are overstepping personal space in any way, it may be time to set some boundaries. 

When it comes to setting boundaries with a clingy friend, approach them in a calm manner. You might lose a good friend if you do not know how to approach them properly. You never know how sensitive someone is, or if you may be touching on a sore subject. You might suggest taking them out for coffee or getting a bite to eat. A text message doesn’t allow someone to determine how serious you are about the situation at hand, so you should address the issue face-to-face. 

After expressing which behaviors make you uncomfortable, you should reassure your friend that you just need space, and this isn't the end of your friendship. Depending on what you say and how you approach them, some friends may believe you are ending the friendship altogether. You will want to let them know that you still want to be friends, but clarify that these boundaries are important to you. Although they may initially be upset, they'll soon realize they may have needed the boundaries as well! Setting boundaries is healthy for all relationships. Boundaries do not mean someone is tired of you or does not want to spend time with you. Everyone needs space, even the people we call our best friends. Learn how to set boundaries in order to have a healthier and more fulfilling friendship by following these steps! 

Written by: Audre Arnett

Instagram: @infinityaudreee

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