How to Handle Disappointment

How to Handle Disappointment

We all have expectations, and oftentimes those expectations are not met. From daily life to loved ones, how do you deal with that consistent disappointment? There are a number of healthy ways of coping with this experience. 

Recently, I have felt disappointed with different situations and people in my life. Is this going to make me sad and prevent me from enjoying my life? Not at all! Plans change and people have priorities that don’t revolve around me. 

The one thing you have to remember is that you cannot hold everyone accountable for their promises, as much as you’d like to. Even a few hours after you speak with someone, a lot of circumstances can evolve. You must learn to prepare yourself for disappointment. Although it hurts, you can't let it keep you down forever.

When someone lets you down, try placing yourself in their shoes. You know how awful it is to disappoint someone you love and care about. They already feel horrible for disappointing you, especially if it was for a plan or event you arranged your life around. By altering your perspective, you will be able to reduce the pain of disappointment. 

When you feel let down, remind yourself it's not the end of the world. We all experience disappointment from time to time. You won't always be disappointed. The world is full of good days when things work out. Nevertheless, if a specific individual disappoints you and displays consistent disregard for your feelings, you should reassess your relationship with them. You shouldn't deal with someone who is continually letting you down, and avoids all blame. 

Lastly, always be prepared to do things on your own. Take time to work on yourself. It is not always necessary to do things with friends or loved ones. Depending on what's going on around you, some alone time may be needed.  Space for self-care and self-reflection is necessary and healthy. 

Although disappointment hurts, there are healthy ways to move forward. Your daily routines should be filled with happiness and positivity. Don’t let disappointment discourage you from taking charge of your life. 


Written by: Audre Arnett 

Instagram: @infinityaudreee

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