How To Get Rid Of The Ick

girl sunglasses

The first time I experienced the “ick” was when I watched a boy cuff his jeans. Something about it utterly repulsed me, and I was no longer physically capable of being attracted to him. These irrational, sudden bursts of revulsion are known as the “ick”. If you are an avid Tik Tok connoisseur, you may have noticed some viral videos about the ick in recent weeks. If you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, I warmly congratulate you. You win. Now go be productive somewhere else. 

Now, my fellow Tik Tok connoisseurs, and ick-havers, we all know that moment, that switch that irreversibly extinguishes romantic interest. It’s incredibly self-sabotaging, irritating behavior, but I can’t help it! He was so perfect before I saw his butt crack poke out the back of his jeans. An absolute prince!...before he jogged to catch up with his friends.

Ladies, we are collectively demented, our standards are absurdly high, and there exists no concrete reason to exile this otherwise perfect man from our lives. Considering the title of this article, I bet you are hoping for a remedy to this horrendous condition. I could lie, and pretend that mindfulness and compassion cures a broken mind. But it doesn’t. The ick follows you like a slimy snail, ominously waiting to invade your world. And every boy is swallowed up into the icky abyss, until…


You find one you can tolerate. And that, my friends, is what you call a husband.

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