How to Celebrate Valentine's Day Based on Your Date's Zodiac Sign

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With this Hallmark holiday right around the corner, many are scrambling to get plans in order. While some people love all things romance, others could not be bothered. Whether or not you fully celebrate, we have whipped up the ideal Valentine's Day based on your date's zodiac sign!**

**If you’re sent this article by your significant other, it is a sign that you need to get your sh*t together for Valentine’s Day. Here are your directions. You’re WELCOME! 


In a typical fire sign fashion, Aries wants to see the action. It doesn’t have to be intricately planned or expensive, but if there's a thrill to it, they're in. On this international day of love, a thrilling date might include horseback riding on the beach, a concert, or maybe even a day of splurging on self-care (i.e, nails done, hair done, and finishing the day with a happy hour cocktail and an extravagant meal at the new restaurant in town).


Make it sensual, with a sprinkle of romance. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and relationships, luxury should never be dismissed when it comes to gifts or experiences. For those celebrating together, a couples massage allows for indulgence while keeping the romance alive. If you are on a budget, or prefer a DIY method, a bubble bath with bath salts and a few candles works just as well.


We all know how much socialization is important to Geminis. Any date surrounded by lots of fun and interesting people is a must. Thankfully, this can be done in a variety of settings: comedy clubs, museums, or even a bookstore.


Consider this to be one of the easiest signs to plan for, especially in a pandemic. Can’t leave your house to go to that fancy new restaurant? GOOD! They didn’t want to go anyways. Put on some fresh sheets, fluff your pillows and pick out a movie together for the evening. This quality time means the most to our sensitive Cancers. Whether you cook dinner together, or simply help one another pick a restaurant on Postmates, they’ll value this shared experience.


Sweep a Leo off their feet by making them feel like the day is truly all about them. If you're picturing “over the top,” try multiplying that by 2. And Adding 100. Amp up your cliché romance game and your Leo date will be over the moon. So…mimosas, a home cooked meal, chocolates and oh! Don’t forget the dozen red roses. As long as this isn’t obviously planned last minute, they will appreciate the effort you put into recognizing their brilliance. 


You can keep your date lowkey with a Virgo, as long as it isn't last minute. Have multiple friends who aren’t truly celebrating the day? That calls for the perfect Galentine’s get together, a small party to celebrate the love you have for one another. Almost as beautiful as Jackie and Ilana’s forever friendship. For those lucky enough to be dating a Virgo, a dinner reservation (yes reservation, they want to know had this planned explicitly for them) will suffice.


The ultimate romantic. Ever want to try your hand at making a personalized scavenger hunt? Here is your chance to woo them with sweet poems, hidden chocolates and a sparkly piece of jewelry waiting for them at the end of it all. Nothing is too cheesy for our soppy little Libras. 


You don’t have to spend too much time planning for a Scorpio, as long as you bring your A-game during the date. They want to see your passion and feel the connection, not that you are annoyed at celebrating Valentine’s Day to begin with. A staycation with breakfast in bed would woo any Scorpio.


It doesn’t matter that it is Valentine’s Day, adventure calls every day. Visit that new restaurant in town, try out the bowling alley that you’ve seen them eyeing. Whatever you do, Sagis want to go somewhere they haven’t been before. To experience novelty with their partner, that’s what life is all about! 


If your date is a Cap, maybe don’t mention what you spent. High budgets are a major turn off for frugal earth signs on this day of love. What they really want is to see your commitment to them, and what you bring to the relationship. Make them their favorite meal or order in from their favorite restaurant if you aren’t a cook. Pair that with their childhood favorite movie (because of course you remembered they used to watch that rom com every year around February!) and they will swoon at the level of attention you’ve paid to these little details.


Making plans is a major no for any Aquarius because “love should be year round and not just on one day.” Enough said. Keep things light by making a list with your boo-thang about future dates you would both like to go on eventually. You might go out for a drink or even spend part of the evening at the gym. The day of romance doesn’t define your love, all the other days do.


If this day means something to any of the signs, it will probably mean the MOST to a Pisces, AKA a hopeless romantic. They tend not to be big on crowds, so a meaningful card, walk on the beach at sunset, or a small gift exchange would be the ideal date for this sign. It’s all about those meaningful little moments where they can truly express their love. 

Friendly reminder: Valentine’s Day is on a Monday this year! Whether or not you celebrate alone or by yourself, you can still make the most of the day. When it comes to planning for your partner. We all want to see a little effort put in, regardless of your sign. Whatever you intend to do, adding that little personal touch can make a world of difference to your date! 

Written by: Emily Schwerdtfeger

Instagram: @Emily_Schwerdt

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