Hairstyles To *Sleigh* For The Holidays

Hairstyles To *Sleigh* For The Holidays

You probably don’t need us to remind you that The Holidays are a time to celebrate, meaning leaving the house to be social. Wait, is that still a thing?

For my fellow intro and ambiverts who enjoy a work-from-home messy bun, styling hair can be kinda daunting. Taking off our sweatpants, shaving our legs, putting on makeup.... you know, NOT embracing our soft girl era.

But hair, much like nails makes us feel fancy, and good about ourselves, when done up. Your hair doesn’t care if you’re kinda bloated or feeling self-conscious. It's a friend, confidant, and your most festive accessory this holiday season.

Whether you’re attending a big family soiree or a fun and flirty Friendsgiving, this is the best time to get dolled up with a dreamy hairstyle that lets you express yourself.

From retro chic to trendy glam, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite looks to flaunt this holiday season:

1. The Low Bun

Photo Cred: Lacy Redway 

If you need a quick pick-me-up, this is your best bet. Styling your hair into a top knot can be a struggle for shorter hair, but a low bun *or pony* is easier to achieve. Plus, it's just so sophisticated. Use a gold hair tie to give it a fancy look. It’s simple, chic, and classic, just like you.

2. The Halo Braid

Photo Cred: Brittany Sullivan

It's giving *Everymore*. Yes, this is is a bit advanced, but damn it’s regal. The halo braid (aka crowd braid) gives your hair volume and lets your face shine.  Here’s an amazing tutorial if you’re interested. 

3. Waves With Hair Pins

Photo Cred: Clayton Hawkins

In case you didn’t get the 411 *Clueless reference*, hair pins are back (tbh since 2020). Part your hair down the middle, curl with a medium sized wand (aim for retro curls), then style with your favorite clips. Super easy and adorable.

4. Half-Up With Bow

Photo Cred: Never Not Retro

Cottage Core will never go out of style. This look is perfect for a day to night option and works great if your usual hairstyle is loose curls. Plus, it gives you a chance to show off your new hair accessory. 

5. The Bubble Braid

Photo Cred: Julia Lira

Holiday Party or the Grammys? Honestly, who cares. This glam hairstyle is a fun twist on your classic pony. It may look hard, but it’s actually easy to achieve! Prep your hair with styling cream and place it into a pony. Then, wrap the pony with small elastics a few inches apart and use your fingers to pull each section out. 

6. The Bobby Pin Wrap 

Photo Cred: Lelet NY

If you’re someone that loses all your bobby pins, here’s a great excuse to buy some more. Use a Texture spray and create a little wrap. Part your hair behind your ears and start pinning, following the curvature of your head. End near the crown. It takes a few tries, but you’ll find your flow!

7. The Teased Pony

Make conversation with an impressive pony that does it for you. By teasing, curling, and tbh, using lots of hairspray, you can achieve a pretty extraordinary look that everyone will envy.

The Bottom Line:

The holidays can be pretty daunting, but your hair doesn't have to be. Pick a style, play with it, and please send us pictures!

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