“Cold Girl” Makeup Is Our Newest Obsession

“Cold Girl” Makeup Is Our Newest Obsession

If you're looking for that flushed face look that makes you feel like the main character of a holiday movie, look no further than the newest TikTok makeup trend. 

The phrase Cold Girl Makeup is having a moment, with more than 75.6 million views on TikTok. The concept is that you look like you spent a few hours walking in a winter wonderland. Rosy cheeks, slightly red nose and lip, and of course, that snowflakes fell perfectly on my lashes lookTre ski chalet!

How do you achieve this Snow Bunny look?

1. Like the sunburn blush trend, blush goes across your cheeks and nose. The only difference is how you apply it. You gotta think cold! Place blush at the tip of your nose. 

2. Your foundation should be pretty matte, for that doll-face softness.

3. For eyeshadow, go for a shimmery hue--think white or silver. The same shade will also goes on top of the lips, near your Cupid’s bow.

4. For lipstick, use a pink or red shade, but make sure it has that just kissed look, meaning more color in the middle with diffused colors on the sides.

5. Feel free to add any other essentials--eye liner, mascara, brows...and voilée!

And for a live tutorial, here are some of our favorites:

- TikToker @gjuanita went viral with their take on "I'm cold" makeup  - @nidalkabashii, @imjessicazhang and @imsimplysteph all followed suit

- TikToker @alice_nevins shows this simple look in just a few steps!

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Banner image: @jordbabyy


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