Astrology 101: What Each Planet Says About You

Astrology 101: What Each Planet Says About You

A birth chart provides a snapshot of the sky at the time of your birth. This visual representation provides you with information about your past, present and future life by analyzing the locations of the planets and constellations when you were born. Each planet holds an important meaning regarding your distinctive characteristics. In order to understand, you will have to find your exact birth chart based on date and time. Click here to find your birth chart! (But not before learning about the planets!) 

birth chart

Sun: Identity 

While it’s not technically a planet, the sun governs your personality, preferences and overall identity. When someone asks “What is your astrology sign?,” they’re asking for what position the sun stood at the time of your birth. The sun gives us a clear understanding of how a person makes decisions. The sun currently rules the zodiac sign Leo, striving for greatness, energy and bravery. It takes around a month for the sun to move into a new zodiac sign. 

Moon: Feelings 

The moon’s gravitational pull regulates earth’s oceans, especially their tides. Within astrology, the moon represents how we process our feelings. The moon determines our inner-self, while the sun determines our outer-self. Depending on where your moon is, it can tell you how we react to other people’s emotions. The moon moves through the zodiac chart fairly quickly, which plays a role in our day-to-day moods. You’ve probably heard people being ‘overly emotional’ during a full moon: you can thank astrology for that! The moon presently rules the zodiac sign Cancer, which allows us to be protective, sensitive and secure. 

Mercury: Communication 

Mercury reflects how we communicate with each other and process ideas. Mercury guides our rational and logical thinking. If you’ve heard of ‘mercury in retrograde,’ this means that the planet slows down in its orbit, creating backward illusion. When mercury is in retrograde, communication tends to collapse. Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo, giving us cleverness, curiosity and patience. Mercury takes 13 or 14 days to transit into a new zodiac sign. Mercury in retrograde happens three or four times a year. 

Venus: Romance 

Named after the Roman goddess, Venus is the planet ruled with love. Not only does Venus rule our adoration, it also sets our aesthetics and personal taste. This planet revolves around pleasure, whether it's in relationships or materialistic items. Venus is a very artistic planet, with knowledge in culture. This planet rules Taurus and Libra, representing creative features. Venus takes four to five weeks to move into a new zodiac sign. 

Mars: Motivation 

The planet Mars is known for what you do and how you do it. Mars is aggressive, determined, and competitive. This planet is always on-the-go and has strong will. Mars gives us that push to meet deadlines or be the best. Mars also contributes to our passion and lust. The planet is ruled by Aries, known for being relentless and impulsive. Mars takes six to seven weeks to transit into a new zodiac sign. 

Jupiter: Expansion

Being the largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter is known for expansion of the mind. This planet takes on good fortune, healing, miracles and spirituality. Jupiter wants us to expand our horizons and look at things in a new light. Whether it's in education, careers, or relationships, Jupiter has a way of encouraging us. Jupiter is now ruled by Sagittaurus, making it adventurous and bound to take risks. It takes Jupiter 12 to 13 months to move into the next zodiac sign. 

Saturn: Responsibility

Saturn sets standards for responsibility, ownership and discipline. Saturn can be two-faced at times, resulting in positive or negative traits. The planet can be professional and orderly, but then turn harsh very quickly. Saturn is thought to bring ‘bad luck’ to people who don’t follow rules, but those who do will receive plentiful rewards. Saturn gives us a long-term view of our futures and what we need to do to accomplish our goals. Saturn is ruled by Capricorns, giving us ambition and leadership. It takes Saturn two and a half years to move into a new zodiac sign. 

Uranus: Freedom 

Uranus can be unpredictable, resulting in doing different things throughout your life. This planet teaches us to be our authentic selves. Uranus also symbolizes technology and innovation, always ready for something new. This planet is ruled by Aqurius: a spiritual, free-willed sign. Uranus takes seven years to move into a new zodiac sign. 

Neptune: Spirituality 

Neptune is known for ruling what is ‘unknown’ and ‘mysterious’ in our world. This planet is very magical-like and demands us to think about the spiritual world. We often refer to Neptune as the daydreamer or fantasy land. We have to remember that Neptune is creative, but to never get too lost. The sign, Pisces, rules this planet in all of its imagination and observations. This planet takes 14 years to transit into a new zodiac sign. 

Pluto: Transformation 

Pluto still affects our astrology, even though it's not considered a ‘real planet’ by many astronomers. Pluto is known for power, rebirth and destruction. Pluto releases our creative potential, and helps us heal from past trauma. Pluto is primarily known for being dark, but it urges us to let go of our past. Pluto is ruled by the sign, Scorpio, known for bravery and loyalness. Pluto takes 14 to 30 years to move into the next zodiac sign. 

Now that we’ve covered all the planets, scroll back up to the beginning of the article, and check out your birth chart! A world of possibility lies at your fingertips. 

Written by: Chloe West

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