An Astrological Guide to Gift Giving For The Holidays

An Astrological Guide to Gift Giving For The Holidays

Not sure what to get your Virgo BFF this year? How about that Leo brother of yours that you can’t ever quite get it right for? Worse yet - what if your mom is a Libra? Gasp! What are you going to do!?

Relax, we’ve gotchu babe! We’re sharing our top secret, confidential, info on how we always give the perfect gift (no matter who it’s for). If you’re an astro-genius or just a beginner - it doesn’t matter, this info is for you + you should share it with a friend or family, you know… help them out too, gift giving is stressful AF.

Alright, has everyone brought up your natal chart? No!? You haven’t? Okay, and here we thought everyone had an astrology app on their phones these days.

(Apps we recommend: CoStar, Time Passages, Pattern, CHANI)

(Websites with free natal charts: Cafe Astrology, Chani Nicholas, CoStar, Astro-Seek)


This is where things can get a little complicated, but if you scroll to the bottom - you’ll get what you’re looking for… you just don’t know how we got there. 

The 2nd house is called the “House of Possessions,” it’s ruled by Venus, and this is the part we really look at when we’re planning the perfect gift for someone (heads up: you need to know what time someone was born to know their houses - if you don’t know what time they were born, don’t worry - you can still use the gift giving guide at the bottom).

So we totally know that not EVERYONE has a planet or sign in every house, but guess what - every house still has a planetary RULER. So what’s the ruler of your second house? To get there, look at your rising sign and then count 1 over (your rising sign is always in your 1st house - so it makes things a little easier. My rising sign is in Leo, so the ruler of my 2nd house is Virgo… so the PLANET that rules my 2nd house, is Mercury. Make sense?).

Here’s a quick breakdown on planetary rulers (the ancient ones):

  • Aries + Scorpio = Mars
  • Taurus + Libra = Venus
  • Gemini + Virgo = Mercury
  • Cancer = Moon
  • Leo = Sun
  • Sagittarius + Pisces = Jupiter
  • Capricorn + Aquarius = Saturn

Moving along… you’ve no doubt figured out your 2nd house ruler (right?), with that knowledge, let’s get to work!

If Saturn is the ruler of your 2nd house then… you probably like heirlooms or antiques (things that are old, have a story). Things that are super well-made that will stand the test of time. Something that’s super practical that you can use everyday or maybe something that you can use for one of your hobbies. Gift that belonged to, or came from a grandparent are always treasured. Oh - how could we forget, investment bonds (which are a GREAT alternative to cash), gift cards are always a solid choice… OH - and DNA testing kits (think 23andMe!)

If Jupiter is the ruler of your 2nd house then… you’re all about fancy spirits and food, basically anything expensive you’re down for. A surprise night out to a super bougie restaurant, class or some kind of “experience” that will expand your world view… or at least, give you a story to tell or write about later. We know you love growing and learning - so some kind of consultation or maybe an appointment with an astrologer to read your chart!

If Mars is the ruler of your 2nd house then… we know you love collecting tools and weapons (I mean, hello - Mars = God of War), and yeah - that also includes some super customized zippo lighter or maybe that minimalistic match set + container that you can display in your bathroom (basically anything with fire). You’d totally love classes or a membership to a place to workout, something you can tinker around with and build (but not a puzzle)... and of course - anything that pushes you to acquire a very specific set of skills that you can use to… (never-mind, we’ve seen Taken too many times).

If the Sun is the ruler of your 2nd house then… basically any way you can be immortalized - displays or frames with your awards or accomplishments, framed pictures of yourself or with people (or pets) you love. You’d be all into a session with a headshot photographer, a night out on the town doing something fun - anywhere you can be the center of attention, that includes throwing parties in your honor. Something super customized, whether it’s your name monogramed on something or a tailoring service for that dress that’s been in the back of your closet for 5 years.

If Venus is the ruler of your 2nd house then… basically anything that’s beautiful and meant to be displayed. You're a lover of art and music, so if you might be one of the lucky ones who grabbed a pair of The Era Tour tickets. Gift cards to Sephora, Ulta, the fancy spa down the street for a laser facial. You love jewelry, fine accessories, clothing, perfume, and other sensory indulgences. Hell, even an IOU from your boo for a date night followed by a massage will win your heart.

If Mercury is the ruler of your 2nd house then… you’re totally into all the latest gadgets and tech - anything that facilitates communication… think new iPad, smartwatch, etc. You love to tinker with things - puzzles, board games, rubik's cubes -  anything that helps occupy your mind and provide you a mini-escape from reality. You would absolutely LOVE passes or tickets to an event… but we know you love a good gag gift (because that seems to be all you give to your friends and family… no judgement)

If the Moon is the ruler of your 2nd house then… comfort is likely your middle name - you want all the throw blankets, nice fluffy pillows, anything that makes you feel snuggled and cozy. You would LOVE an invitation to your favorite restaurant, maybe framed pictures of your family, kids, pets. Anything that involves you spending quality time with someone - movie nights, footrubs, hell, maybe they gave you an IOU a shoulder to cry on. Massages, acupuncture sessions, maybe a visit to a Reiki healer, you’re totally into energetic healing.


Really want to Astro-Flex, babe? Check out and see where Venus is hanging out (what sign and house placement) to get more information on someone’s personal taste and preferences - yes, this is the secret sauce, but don’t tell anyone we shared it with you.

Okay, the hard part is over. We made you look up your chart (or your BFF, your mom, your S.O…. or maybe your dog), figure out your 2nd house ruler… like oh my gosh - can we just make things easy!?! Why yes, yes we can. So voila, I present to you - the easiest gift-giving guide for your ZODIAC (aka: your sun sign)!

Aries (March 21 - April 19): This spontaneous fire sign needs excitement and action - they always want to be the first to try something new. Find something that sparks their passion.

Totally in love and budget ain't a thang? The lululemon workout mirror should be number one on your list. But for those of us not dropping that kind of cash… maybe a Fuego box with artisan hot sauces, or anything Filson or Carhartt… because good luck stopping them from adventuring the great outdoors.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20): Luxury, comfort, cheese... gourmet food. Taurus is all about receiving elegance, art, jewelry. Gifts that encourage them to use their senses-things that appeal to their taste, smell, touch, eyes or hearing and you’re likely in solid territory.

We recommend a big chunky knit blanket (or weighted blanket) and for the ultimate in cozy - pair it with a super plush bathrobe and slippers. Taurus will be in absolute heaven. We’re also a huge fan of picking up their favorite bottle of wine, or maybe a subscription box service… that brings more wine.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20): Intellectual, witty, gossiping socialite - oh Gemini, we love you. Variety is the name of the game for gift giving - you’re into everything and anything, but specifically things that make you use your hands and fingers *wink wink*

We recommend rock climbing classes or maybe a year subscription to DuoLingo to learn a new language… if you’ve been eyeballing that Masterclass All-Access Pass, now would be the time to pick that up, too. Personally, we found these amazing glasses from Our Place and know they’ll look PERFECT on our Gemini friends bar cart.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22): Anything that involves making a memory (hopefully a positive one), and spending time with family is right up this lovers alley! They’re super sentimental and love to make people feel at home. Find something super meaningful and they’re sure to glow.

You can’t always be there to snuggle them when they want it - so we absolutely recommend Buffy’s Wiggle pillow, Urban also has this super cute crescent moon shelf that would look adorable in their bedroom with a little framed picture of the two of you - guarantee they’ll cry when they open it.

Leo (July 23 - August 22): Natural born leader, super outgoing, always happy, bold AF. You were born to rule baby and you just LOVE bold and gaudy gifts - probably something super flashy that makes you feel adored like the King or Queen you are.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again - the Riki Loves Riki mirror is the literal perfect gift for your spotlight loving Leo… or maybe they’re trying to become a TikTok star and could seriously benefit from a ring light. Also, obsessed with this Burrito dodgeball game, and name a Leo who isn’t down to party and play games.

Virgo (August 23 - September 22): The cleanest, the tidiest, the most perfect little zodiac of them all - especially when it comes to their appearance and their home. Virgos honestly believe that there is a place for EVERYTHING. So when you’re looking for the perfect gift for your Virgo… make sure it serves a purpose, has a function, and LOOKS pretty.

We’ve been eyeing these beautiful bookends for what feels like ever - they’re the perfect blend of being timeless AND on trend, and your Virgo would LOVE to use them AND display them in their home. We all know a Virgo who needs a chill pill, but we guarantee if that would offend them - so opt for this eye mask that’s also a massager and Bluetooth player in one (for the ultimate in relaxation).

Libra (September 23 - October 22): Libra is the charmer and SO good at picking out the MOST beautiful things - their taste is refined AND fashionable. They love art, beauty- anything that’s aesthetically pleasing or improves their appearances/helps them accessorize is a sure thing.

Every Libra we know loves to socialize and throws the most lavish parties, so these wine glasses would look perfect in theirs AND your hands. All that Facetime and texting means their phone is literally always about to die - so pick up something they can keep in their purse to make sure they never run out of battery.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21): Scorpios can be super hard to shop for, because they keep everything such a secret… it’s hard enough to get them to tell you about their BFF from grade school, let alone what they want as a gift! They want to dig deep, they’re all about mind, soul, sex, the occult, and metaphysics. Add some mystery to your gift or make them go on a scavenger hunt to find it.

Nothing makes a Scorpio happier than having more dirt on you and watching you expose yourself to them, so why not open up with a card game where hopefully they’ll return the favor and open up as well. A Scorpio is all about casting some spells… but if you’re intimate with them… well… you know this one.

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21): The optimistic, adventurous, freedom loving fire sign who is happiest exploring new territories and living life to the fullest. They’re so curious and love to learn new things - so make sure the gifts you give them this year have something to do with the great outdoors, or something they can take with them while traveling.

Sags are always looking to learn something new - so a Masterclass pass is the perfect pick this season! They’re rarely in one place for too long, but you can be with them wherever they are… or at least, remind them that you still exist - with these long-distance touch bracelets.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19): The CEO of the Zodiac, baby! Capricorns are hardworking, super ambitious and all about setting goals. They LOVE expensive gifts, but they’ve got to be well-made and serve a purpose. When you’re shopping for them, remember the 3 S’s: Status, Security, and Success.

Caps spend so much time working, they often forget they need to relax and treat their body to some TLC, which is why this mini Theragun is the perfect present when they don’t have time to book that massage. Something else that screams the 3 S’s - this stunning clock with an alarm you’re happy to wake up to.

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18): You literal angel - you’re so independent, free spirited, and yes, a little quirky (but it’s so cute). You have such a unique way of thinking that connects tech to humanity and then BOOM - you’ve solved some global crisis. Shopping for Aqua means thinking of something super innovative and original that appeals to their unique taste.

This might be the coolest little pocket gadget we’ve ever seen, so of course Aqua’s gonna have it - great for when they want to show you the most recent conspiracy theory they saw on MrBallen's YouTube. Is it too stereotypical to recommend a telescope, too?

Pisces (February 19 - March 20): Oh… the dreamers. Pisces live in a magical world with magical things where everyone is sparkling with fairy dust. They’re super sentimental, so make sure you’re REALLY thinking about THEM when you’re either out shopping (or better yet, making) something this season.

If you can’t book them an appointment with a dream interpreter, the least you can do is pick up a book to help guide them - because you know these little fishies are anxious AF about theirs dreams. And we promise you, these fluffy slippers are going to be a winner, Pisces rules the feet, after all - so pamper their pretty little toesies!

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