8 Cute Texts to Send Your Bestie

8 Cute Texts to Send Your Bestie

When you're not Face-timing or sending memes back and forth, you're probably texting your one and only. They're your top pinned contact, your confidant, the one blowing up your phone all day... your bestie. 

You love it when you get a text out of the blue that isn't your ex. An inside joke, good goss, or something sweet, is the ultimate pick-me-up. So if you want to put a smile on your bff's face, send them something silly and thoughtful. 

If you're in need of some witty quips to send, read on:

Cute Texts to Send Your Bestie

1. "Let's be BFF's until we're too old to remember what BFF means."

Texting you this after 2 glasses of Pinot btw...

2. "You’re nacho average friend, because you guac my world."

Like Chipotle level guac. 

3. "You make me feel like I just got out of the bath."

And grabbed a warm towel out of the dryer mmmmm.

4. "I'll always be there to tell you how horrible your ex looks now."

But he was totally hot when you dated!

5. "I brag about you to my other friends."

There's only like 2, but still.

6. "You'll never be that someone I pretend not to see in public."

Or pretend to hit the "open door" button in the elevator.

7. "Can't wait to be old, gray, and judgmental with you."

And we'll still hate everyone!

8. "We'll be friends forever because you already know too much."

We should probably sign an NDA...


Love you bestie 

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