6 Trader Joe’s Fall Items You Have To Try

cookies, waffle, and coffee/tea

It’s officially the season of re-watching the Twilight movies and trying to wear sweaters even when it is still 80 degrees out. This also means it is time for Trader Joe’s annual fall items to come back in stock. To help you choose from the multiple shelves, I decided to try 6 items and tell you which were worth buying, and which to leave at the store.

1. Spiced Pumpkin Madeleine Cookies—9/10

These were one of my favorites. Although, these lost a point because they did not really have a pumpkin flavor. Overall, these cookies were super soft and the perfect size for snacking. With only six cookies in the pack, they are super easy to binge on and “accidently” eat the whole pack. These would also pair perfectly with the next item I will be talking about, the Pumpkin Spice Coffee.

2. Pumpkin Spice Coffee—10/10

I bought the K cup coffee instead of the regular ground coffee and I was pleasantly surprised on how this turned out. Not only does it make your kitchen smell like fall, it also has an amazing flavor. Unlike some brands, the flavor was not overbearing or too sweet. It went down smooth even without creamer. I have a feeling it would be great if you turned it into a latte of some sort.

3. Maple Leaf Cookies—7/10

When I first opened this box, I was overcome with the scent of maple syrup. These are one of those cookies that are for people who enjoy a lot of sweetness. The cookie itself tasted like you were eating maple syrup. While not necessarily bad, this is definitely for someone with a super sweet tooth. I could probably just eat one of these and be done. I can say that this cookie had the perfect amount of filling, so that is a plus.

 4. Pumpkin Waffles—5/10

While I am all for waffles, I was unfortunately disappointed by these. While advertised as pumpkin-flavored, there was not much flavor at all. These actually tasted a bit like cardboard. I was actually super excited to try these, and while they did not live up to my expectations, they were still decent toaster waffles. These are not items I would recommend to a friend to buy.

 5. Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese Bites—10/10

I am disappointed in myself for going so long without trying these. These are now on my list of favorite items from Trader Joe’s. Not only do they taste great but they have amazing textures. With a crispy outside and smooth texture on the inside, these are the perfect fall snack. These easy-to-make treats will satisfy your mac & cheese cravings when you do not want to eat a whole meal.

6. Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese—10/10

I had to save the best for last. This is quite possibly the best item I have ever purchased from Trader Joe’s. At first I was hesitant to buy because I am not a huge fan of butternut squash, but this mac & cheese exceeded my expectations. It was creamy and had the best flavor. Did I mention it was easy to make? Just pop it in the microwave for 5 minutes! This is a microwavable meal that tastes like it was freshly made. I will definitely be going back for more and I will be telling every person who will listen to buy this item.

Written by: Sydney Karlos

Instagram: @sydkarloss

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