5 Ways to Re-Meet Yourself After a Long-Term Relationship

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Coming out of a long-term relationship can be difficult, regardless of the reason for the split. When freshly single, you view the world through a new lens, as you cope with uncomfortable emotions. So how do you turn heartbreak into healing? Here’s a few essential tips to jumpstart a fresh beginning!

1. Go out alone - safely, of course! When you are in a relationship, plans are often made with the other person in mind. When was the last time you took yourself on a date? Take the afternoon to visit your favorite coffee shop, or get that dinner you always crave...but never got because it wasn’t *their* favorite! 

2. Pick up a hobby. Starting over seems like a sure fire way to fall into a rut, but it doesn’t have to be! Your schedule has finally opened up, and now you have extra time for a new hobby! Learn how to rollerblade, spin some fresh pottery, or join a local book club. I recently started printing cool designs on my nails thanks to Preemadona’s Nailbot, and now I do them almost DAILY!

3. Volunteer: Your community has always needed you, but you also need your community. Not only will volunteering get you out of the house, but it will provide you a sense of purpose, a place to meet new people, and the chance to discover your passions. Need help finding somewhere to volunteer? This website makes it easy to locate opportunities in your area!

4. Refocus on yourself. This could be a new workout routine (like a spin or yoga class), some mental health work (we love a self-care community, check out the Blue Fever app!), or perhaps a little spring cleaning (clean out your closet and donate items to Goodwill!). 

5. Try something new. Whether it’s a tasty recipe (peep this vegetarian Creamy Malai Tofu Bowl I’m currently obsessed with), a trendy clothing style, a kickboxing class, or new music, mixing it up can help change your perspective!

Regardless of the route you take, or the pit stops along the way, there are SO many ways to re-meet yourself post-breakup. Branch out, take risks, and keep moving forward. Before you know it, that heartbreak will turn into healing. 

Written by: Emily Schwerdtfeger

Instagram: @emily_schwerdt

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