10 Sephora Stocking Stuffers

10 Sephora Stocking Stuffers

The perfect budget-friendly minis your Secret Santa will love! 

Youth To The People | Mini Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Night Mask with Vitamin C ($15)

The perfect face mask for all skin types. Gives my skin a little extra pop of brightness and how can you not love that packaging! I believe in Youth To The People and this product keeps me coming back. 

Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez | Soft Pinch Liquid Blush ($20)

YOU GUYS. I have never been a blush girl, but Ms. Gomez herself did us so right with this product. This liquid blush is versatile and buildable— I even sometimes apply a bit onto my eyelid and lips. There’s a variety of shades depending on how rosy you want to look, but it’s such a great gift that comes in the cutest little tube.

Kosas | 10-Second Eye Gel Watercolor Eyeshadow ($15)

If you aren’t on the Kosas wave yet, this is your sign. The Kosas brand is ‘next-level clean’ and this means you can enjoy their products silicone free. Powdered eye-shadow will always be a great go-to, BUT, don’t sleep in on liquid eyeshadows. If you’re going for a dewy makeup look or just want something shimmery for a holiday party, this might become your next best find. PLUS it’s such a good holiday gift. 

Mini Voluspa Candle | French Cade & Lavender ($20) 

Some may say that Voluspa is overhyped, but I would like to shut that down. Their candles give off a scent that lingers for hours and their array of blends never fail to amaze me. I enjoy a scent that makes me feel calm and expensive. The French Cade & Lavender scent hits Rudolph’s red nose on the head. The mini is such a great addition to any stocking!

Supergoop! | Mini Glowscreen ($20)

Have you ever woken up and felt like your skin had no life to it? Whether I’m hungover, dehydrated, or just simply exhausted from the work week, I sure as hell don’t want to look like it. Supergoop! has amazed me with their Glowscreen. I start with it as my base post-skincare routine and pre-makeup. It gives my face that extra breath of life and has the added bonus of SPF! This is a great product to put someone onto.

Sephora Collection | Mini Scalp Massager ($12)

This product makes me feel like I’m taking a bubble bath in my brain. Enough said. 

Charlotte Tilbury | Matte & Metallic Double Ended Eyeliner - Eye Color Magic Collection ($32)

Lady Tilbury and her dual eyeliner has saved my makeup looks oh so many times. I personally use the Copper Charge liner because brown liner accented by the subtle gold has such a great day-to-night use. There’s a variety of colors to pick from, but I think each liner elevates the eye so well. A perfect addition to the stocking this season. 

Buxom | Power Line™ Plumping Lip Liner ($19)

If you are not a makeup connoisseur, this lip liner is for you. Its dual ends let you apply and blend to your liking. It’s a great product to give on-the-go girlies and will last all day. 

Moroccanoil | Mini Moroccanoil Treatment Hair Oil ($16)

Silky, smooth, AND shiny. I’ve been obsessing over Morrocanoil ever since their Dry Texture Spray touched my hair. I enjoy the way this oil eliminates frizz from my hair and also adds shine without making it look greasy. The mini is a great gift and almost like a sample for your secret santa or stocking stuffer.

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna | Gloss Bomb Heat Universal Lip Luminizer + Plumper ($24)

You’ve probably heard all the rage over Fenty Beauty’s Gloss Bombs and I’m here to tell you to rage on. I layered the gloss over a lipstick or lip tint and it adds a glimmer that is hard to ignore. It also has a slight plump effect to it! Perfect for kissing under the mistletoe.

By: Shei Marcelline

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