10 Reasons Why Your BFF is a Keeper

10 Reasons Why Your BFF is a Keeper

Let's face it, not all of us are lucky enough to meet our BFFL in middle school. THAT'S OKAY THOUGH . We meet friends throughout all chapters in our lives. Some friends come and go. Others are destined to be around longer. Here are 10 signs that they are a keeper:

1. They check in with you (and your mental health).

A friend who is staying around will also want to make sure you're sticking around. Checking in with your mental and physical well-being is one of ways to show they care. 

2. You might not see them for weeks or months at a time but whenever you meet up, it’s like time never passed between the two of you.

We all know that as we get older, our lives become more busy and it's not always possible to see your friend 24/7. But when you do see each other, it's like time has never passed. You get back into the same flow and rhythm like you saw them yesterday.

3. Your family is their second family and vice versa.

Their parents are essentially your parents. You've been around so long that you are in family photos around the house and couldn't imagine not having them in your life.

4. You can trust them.

Trust is something earned. This can vary person to person and how trust is gained and kept. For lifers, They always have your back and are your number one supporter. You can trust them not to view you as competition. They want to see you succeed through your entire life, whatever that may mean for you. You know that you can go to them with any problem you might be having, advice you may need, no matter what it is, you can trust in relying on them.

5. Throughout all your lows and highs, they’ve stuck around. 

When we say lifer, we mean it. True long-term friend is not going to leave the moment you have a hardship or need support. When you succeed they succeed, when you're low, they are there to help you get through it. 

6. You helped each other grow up.

Realizing that you don’t judge one another for little things, can help in your personal development. You help each other give perspective when You need it most (i.e, life challenges, hardships, monumental moments, etc).

7. They’re honest with you- no matter what.

Friendship grows through time spent together, but that's reliant on the communication between each other. That means honesty is well. Does that outfit look bad on you, maybe. Is the breakup decision? You just made the best thing for you, yes. Through a plethora of questions, your bestie will always keep it real with you. They want the best for you after all.

8. They accept your beliefs.

Just because they’re your BFF, doesn't mean that they have to believe in all the same things you do. Yes, your morals might align, but religion/beliefs don’t have to be a barrier to life long friendships. There's no rule against being friends with people of different religions. In fact, we encourage it, perspective and life experience can help us grow individually and together. 

9. They know when to push you.

Sometimes you need that extra nudge. This is when the legit advice comes to the table.

10. You can be 100% yourself with them. 

Even if that means sitting in the same room in complete silence looking at your respective phones. With enough time spent with one another, you're going to see every side to your bestie. Road trips, fun nights out, nights in. Ups, highs, lows.

Sometimes it's hard to tell if a friend's going to stay around for the long haul. If you get lucky enough to find one, don't let them go. You don't always need a list to know that they're a lifer. Sometimes you just know.

Author: Emily Schwerdtfeger

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