Not Just a Fad: 5 Crystals That Actually Bring Calm into Your Life



Crystals are pretty much everywhere now, from your local Home Goods to Target. However, knowing the right crystals to purchase can require lots of research, time, and dedication. While many people see the healing power of crystals as a new invention,  they have actually been around for thousands of years (even documented in Ancient Egypt)! Fortunately, you don't require any special training to start using them! All you need is an open mind, and to trust your intuition as you gravitate toward certain crystals.  Below I’ve listed some of the most calming, healing crystals that anyone could benefit from using right now.




A beautiful powdery blue color, celestite is known for its relaxing qualities, as it helps you connect with your intuition. Derived from the word "celestial", Celestite represents both the color blue, and a relationship with all things divine and angelic.  Keep the celestite next to your bed to help you unwind before sleeping, and to ensure you have positive dreams! This crystal can also combat overthinking; just hold it in your hand when feeling overwhelmed or anxious.




Probably the most well known crystal, Amethyst is a vibrant purple color, and is famous for both its protective and calming properties. Amethyst shields you from any ill wishes and energy that may be lurking around. This is an ideal crystal to store in your bag or pocket when out in public, as it creates a fortress of protective light. Many people also use this crystal to help ease the mind during meditative practices. Try putting it on your mat next time you do yoga!


Rose Quartz:

Rose quartz

A soft pink color, rose quartz is thought of as the crystal of love (both self-love and romantic!). If you're feeling stressed, or having negative thoughts, lay down and place this healing crystal on your heart chakra (chest). Then, take some deep breaths and recite a positive affirmation. Some of my favorites are "I deeply love and accept myself where I am right now" and "I am surrounded by love and calm".  Try putting your rose quartz in your bath for a relaxing, self-love ritual . And if you really want to immerse yourself in a rosy universe, add some rose oil to the bath!


Black Tourmaline:

black tourmaline

Tourmaline is known for its grounding qualities, a perfect remedy for when you are feeling overwhelmed. It reconnects you to the sensory world, which can help you fight trauma and anxious feelings. Tourmaline is also known to safeguard your energy and maintain personal boundaries. Sleep with it in your bed next to your feet to forge a sense of calm and safety!




A clear whitish color, selenite is named after Selene, a mythical moon goddess. Often formed in a wand-like shape, selenite can bring clarity into your life by cleansing out any thoughts, beliefs, or energies that no longer serve you. My favorite way to use selenite is to trace it around the outline of my body to cleanse my energy. You can even keep one next to any technology in your house, like computers or televisions, to negate the charge of it!

Which crystal should you choose to start using?  If you're shopping in person, try holding the crystal you’re most drawn to and see how it feels in your hand. If you're looking online, go with your gut! You will likely gravitate to one or two specific crystals. No matter which crystal you choose, you really can't go wrong with a magical gift from nature!

Written by: Jess L.

Insta: @lightandlotus


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